Pumpkin polenta: A creative side dish for pumpkin season

Some are already wondering: how much longer is pumpkin in season? I can assure you that pumpkins will be around for quite a while. And as long as this is the case, we would of course like to continue to delight you with delicious new creations such as our pumpkin polenta. Perfect if you’re still looking for a fancy Thanksgiving side dish or just want to try something different.

In the past, polenta was a kind of staple food for the poor peasant population. Today, the maize semolina is offered both in the cheaper home cooking and in expensive restaurants. I love polenta because it is incredibly versatile. They can be savory, like in this pumpkin polenta, or sweet, like in this one Blood Orange Polenta Cakes to process. You can make a kind of puree out of it or process it into a sliceable mass and then fry it – as you can see, the possibilities are almost endless.

The highlight of this recipe is that we soften the corn semolina in the pumpkin broth itself. And to make it clear that there is definitely pumpkin in the polenta, we later sprinkle a few fried pumpkin cubes over the whole thing. This gives the whole pumpkin polenta a little crunchy textural opponent.

Desire for even more unusual ones Pumpkin Recipes? This way:

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The perfect side dish – pumpkin polenta


The ideal side dish to savor the pumpkin season to the full: Pumpkin polenta.

With marzipan in the dough, it becomes particularly delicious


  1. Cut the pumpkin flesh for the polenta into small pieces. Boil 600 ml stock with the bay leaf. Add the squash and simmer together for about 7 minutes. Remove the bay leaf and then puree the pumpkin with the hand blender.

  2. Stir the polenta into the simmering liquid while stirring constantly, bring to the boil and season with cream, pepper, parmesan, nutmeg and butter. Then let it swell for about 5 minutes.

  3. For the pumpkin cubes, cut the 100 grams of pumpkin flesh into slightly larger and even cubes. Then fry in hot oil until golden brown. Then deglaze with the broth and let it reduce. Season the crunchy pumpkin cubes with paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

  4. Serve everything together in a bowl and enjoy.

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