Recipe of the week: With a touch of lemon: broccoli pasta – recipes

Tipp: Cook’n’Soul likes to use theirs for this dish pickled lemons, which come from Arabic cuisine and are called salted lemons there. They have a particularly intense aroma, which is why you only need a very small amount of them. If fresh lemon is used, you can make a wonderful, homemade one from the second half (the juice of half a lemon is enough to flavor the pasta). lemonade make and serve with food.

2. Wash the broccoli and cut the florets individually from the stalk. Cut the stem into pieces at the top.

Tipp: The stalk is cooked, at least the soft parts of it. When cutting, you can tell whether the knife goes through easily or encounters resistance. Resistance means that the stem is woody on the inside, then you can confidently throw it in the compost.

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