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Ingredients for the lentils:

Peel and finely dice the carrot and parsley root. Bring the lentils and water to a boil in a saucepan. Add the Buddha’s hand lemon and simmer for 3 minutes. Remove, salt and set aside.

Add dashi (Japanese fish stock available in Asian stores), crushed garlic and port wine. Then cook the lentils. Finally, season with a little lemon juice to taste.

Ingredients for the tomato salad:

Peel and dice the onions, press the garlic and sauté with the onions in a large pan with vegetable oil.

Dice the bun and add to the onions. Sear until the bread is crispy. Salt.

Cut the tomatoes into small pieces, put them in a bowl and add the cleaned lamb’s lettuce. Add olive oil and mix with the toasted bread and onions just before serving.

Ingredients for the zander:

Portion the zander and pat the skin side dry.

Cut a few fingers from the Buddha’s hand lemon, separate a few large fingers whole from the fruit and fry in a pan with vegetable oil. Add the skin side of the fish, fry, turn and fry until done.

Wash the leek, cut lengthways and boil in salted water. Then twist up like pasta with a fork to small nests.

Arrange everything on plates. Garnish the lentils with the twisted leek and decorate the dish as you like, for example with figs or flowers.

Hamburg Journal | broadcast date | 09/23/2022

The dish Buddha's hand zander in a bowl.  © NDR Photo: Dave Hänsel
Hard boiled eggs with sardines served on a plate.  © NDR Photo: Frank von Wieding
Fish pan with spring vegetables in a roasting pan on the table.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann
Baked fish in brick batter with herb sauce © NDR Photo: Florian Kruck
Salmon with peach and mashed potatoes with bacon © NDR Photo: Dave Hänsel
Char fillet with cucumber slices, caviar on quinoa on a white plate © NDR
A plate of cod fillet on cabbage.  © ZS-Verlag Photo: Claudia Timmann
A bowl of tuna salad next to a bowl of black olives.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann
Steamed trout fillets on Chinese cabbage on a plate.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timmann

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