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Finally enjoying together again: At the first grilling of the year, juicy potato bread with tomato butter should not be missing. Photo: KMG,

Recipes for Gütersloh, trendy finger food for the barbecue season, recipe for Pull Apart Bread

Berlin, May 17, 2022

Spring is here, the sun’s rays are getting warmer and for many that means: Time to grill. If you want to give your guests a hip #Grill If you want to serve a buffet, the food trend »#Pull #Apart #Bread« barely over. The so-called »#Zupfbrot« is not only an eye-catcher: with the secret ingredient #Potato the pastry becomes particularly juicy and thus a real highlight in terms of taste.

Trend bread for the barbecue party

Of the #Food The »Pull Apart Bread« trend has long since spilled over to us from the USA. The English term stands for yeast dough baked together, for example in the form of small rolls, which can be easily pulled apart with your fingers. In this country, it is therefore also known as “Zupfebrot”. The reasons for its popularity are obvious: Pull Apart Bread is easy to prepare even for the inexperienced, it looks stylish and invites you to enjoy and share it together. Dieter Tepel, Managing Director of Kartoffel-Marketing GmbH, reveals: »Pull Apart Bread is particularly tasty with potatoes. They give the dough an appetizing yellow color and additional moisture – this makes the pastry moist and ensures an airy crumb. The plucked bread works best with floury potatoes.«

A well-rounded affair, potato bread with tomato butter

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Preparing the dough for the popular Pull Apart Bread is not difficult at all: To do this, wash 200 grams of floury potatoes and cook for around 25 minutes. Then drain, allow to cool briefly, peel while still warm and press through the potato ricer.

Crumble a quarter cube of yeast in 160 milliliters of lukewarm water and stir. Mix 375 grams of flour and some salt in a bowl and #Yeast Add the mixture with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the mashed potatoes. Knead the ingredients into a smooth dough using the kneading hooks of the hand mixer. Dice 50 grams of softened butter and knead in as well. Then cover and let rise in a warm place for about an hour. Knead the dough again after it has risen and shape into small dough balls of 30 grams each.

Now put the dough in the tin: To do this, line the bottom of the springform tin with baking paper, grease the edges with butter and place an ovenproof bowl in the middle of the tin. This creates a round recess in which a bowl of tomato butter can later be served. Place the balls of dough next to each other in the tin around the bowl and leave to rise in a warm place, covered, for another 30 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 175 degrees top and bottom heat. As soon as the dough balls have risen, you can sprinkle some grated mozzarella on top and bake everything on the middle rack for 20 to 25 minutes.

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Once the plucked bread is in the oven, it’s time for the tomato butter. To do this, cream a packet of butter with a hand mixer for about three minutes. Then season with chopped oregano, two tablespoons of tomato paste and some salt and pepper. Finally place the butter in the middle of the cooled bread. Enjoy.

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