Simple recipe: Oven vegetables taste even better with this topping

Roasted vegetables are a popular dish for many reasons. It is easy to prepare and requires no special cooking skills.

On top of that, it’s super healthy, tastes great and is always a success. As you indulge in this quick, nutrient-dense meal more often, you may want to spice up your favorite meal a bit and add variety.

With a few simple steps and these tricks, your oven vegetables will be even tastier.

Six tricks for better oven vegetables

With a few simple steps and these tricks, your oven vegetables will be even tastier.

1. Crunchy or creamy: Spice up oven-roasted vegetables with a topping

Whether you prefer your oven vegetables crispy or soft is a matter of taste. Those who play for ‘Team Crunchy’ will love this idea: you can create a crunchy topping from breadcrumbs, seeds and nuts that gives the oven vegetables extra bite.

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If you prefer it creamy, you can sprinkle some parmesan over the vegetables. Small diced feta cheese also goes well with some types of vegetables – for example with aubergine, tomatoeszucchini and potatoes.

However, you only put your topping in the oven later. Depending on the type, the cheese will melt on the vegetables in the last 10 to 15 minutes of the baking time.

The crunchy topping only needs about 5 minutes to develop a nice roasted aroma. Be careful not to overcook the topping. Burnt nuts and kernels quickly taste bitter.

2nd bag trick: For full seasoning on every piece

How much oil is enough, how much is too much? Especially if you want to save calories – but not only then – this question arises. There is a simple trick for this.

Take a freezer bag and put some oil that you have already mixed with spices in it next to the chopped vegetables. Twist in the open end – so nothing can squirt out – and then shake well.

In this way, the oil and spice mixture is better distributed over the vegetables than if you add it directly to the oven dish and stir. You can tell if you’ve added enough oil by how well the spices and oil spread over the vegetables. The excess oil then simply remains in the freezer bag because it sticks to the inside.

If you like variety, you can season one part of the vegetables differently than the other. A bag is then seasoned with cayenne pepper or chilli, for example. The other can be used for caramelizing – goes well with Brussels sprouts or fennel. Both then go into the oven at the same time, but taste very different.

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3. Variety of vegetables: Courage for the less obvious

Instead of always the classic zucchini, Auberginepeppers and carrots in the oven, be creative and sometimes reach for the less classic vegetables.

you like to eat pumpkin soup? You might also like the autumn vegetables after they have been baked in the oven. Also fennel or cabbage are suitable. Cut into wedges, brush them with oil and sprinkle thick grains of sea salt over them. These provide a nice contrast to the sweetness that both vegetables develop as they cook.

You can cut beetroot into thin slices – the raw tuber is meant, not the pre-cooked one. And also Chickpeas are great in the oven. Marinate them and then let them bake on a sufficiently large surface with a little distance. They get really crunchy and make a great snack.

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