Spiced recipe: blood sausage from Altentreptow wins the trophy

The craft must come up with something to lure customers into the shops. The Torney Landfleischerei Pripsleben has ideas that a specialist jury found excellent.


There was an award recently for the Torney Landfleischerei Pripsleben GmbH. The company from Altentreptow took part in this year’s sausage competition of the MV state guild association and was able to secure victory in one category: with their blood sausage the country butcher’s shop managed to convince the expert jury, reports managing director Frank Wegner.

Creatively expanded list of ingredients

A total of 40 meat blood sausages of all Guild butchers of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania rated the experts – and they chose the product from the city of Tollense as the winner. This caused great joy in Altentreptow. “We are very proud of this award,” says production manager Maik Jantschik. The award-winning black pudding was traditionally made according to an old in-house recipe, reveals the master butcher. However, creatively, the list of ingredients has been expanded a bit. A very good cocoa is also added to the sausage mass, and a little chili, which provides spice. This idea was recognized by the experts.

Award-winning black pudding already in stores

For a week now, the award-winning blood sausage has also been available in the Torney Landfleischerei Pripsleben GmbH stores. Production manager Jantschik says it’s not yet possible to say how the new product will sell due to the short time available. “But of course our employees have already tasted the black pudding, and they gave us very positive feedback.”

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