Teriyaki salmon for two or the sausage octopuses for children?

Putting together a menu on New Year’s Eve is not easy – especially when you have to cook for 10 people or many children. Here are ideas for New Year’s Eve dinner that will make your evening easier.

Silvester is just around the corner and you still don’t know what to cook? We have put together some ideas for New Year’s Eve dinner for you – whether for ten people, for two at home or for a celebration with children. Here you will find inspiration and further links to the recipes.

New Year’s Eve dinner ideas for 10 people

Pizza is ideal for a relaxed New Year’s Eve meal.

Photo: Marcus Merk

It’s not easy as the host of a New Year’s Eve party: usually several friends come to visit and you have to feed them. With partners, a group of at least ten people can quickly form.

With a New Year’s Eve meal for ten people, it would be ideal if everyone could eat at the same time and the workload was not immeasurably high. In our overview you will not find any detailed recipe information, but further links and ideas for a New Year’s Eve meal for ten people:


If you don’t want a fancy 5-course meal on New Year’s Eve, pizza is ideal for a large group. Everyone can eat a small piece while the next pizza is already baking in the oven. Depending on the thickness of the dough, a pizza takes about twenty to thirty minutes. Sharing them together can also be a nice activity on New Year’s Eve.

Camembert from the oven: Spicy classic from French cuisine


Tarte flambée is also a good New Year’s Eve meal for a large number of groups. It’s even ready faster than pizza and is a good alternative if some of the guests don’t like cheese.

Chilli with beef

Chili con carne is quick and the perfect recipe for a party with more than ten people. Don’t forget a good baguette and sour cream!


Goulash can be prepared in a large pot and is an ideal dish for a New Year’s Eve party with more than ten people. A delicious baguette is served with it. Attention: depending on the recipe, the goulash has to cook for at least an hour.

soups and stews

Soups are an excellent way to feed many guests with relatively little effort. Cream soups in particular are easy to prepare and keep you full for a long time. Stews are also good: They are healthy and can be adapted to the preferences of the guests with little effort.

Bowl & Wraps

If different eating habits come together, a bowl is a good idea, for example. Rice is cooked and various toppings come as an option on the table. Fruits such as mango or pineapple also go well in a bowl. Any sauce can be served with it: a cashew cream, for example, is also suitable for lactose-intolerant or vegan guests and gives the dish that certain something.

Wraps are also uncomplicated: They can be filled with anything and each guest can decide for himself which ingredient he would like to use. Chicken breast strips, tofu, cucumber, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. are suitable as filling. Provide the necessary kick and .

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At home for two on New Year’s Eve? Menu ideas and inspiration

This is how it should look like: the carved goose in a kar, served with potato dumplings and red cabbage.

Photo: Ulrich Wagner

When eating for two, extravagant ingredients and elaborate dishes are welcome on New Year’s Eve, after all the effort is manageable with smaller portions. If you want it to be quick and still have the feeling of a fine meal, a trio of potatoes, meat and a side dish is ideal. It doesn’t matter how the ingredients are prepared, the main thing is that you choose something that you don’t often find in your everyday life. Vegetarians can replace the meat with cauliflower schnitzel, for example, and a quick New Year’s Eve dish made of three components is ready. Also One-Pot-Pasta It’s quick and perfect for a meal for two.

Here is an overview of some special recipe ideas for New Year’s Eve:

Ideas: How to make New Year’s Eve dinner exciting for children

Raclette is a popular party classic – and is also suitable for a New Year’s Eve with children.

Photo: dpa-tmn

At the Raclette all guests sit at the table for a long time. If you don’t want to talk, you just eat. This is probably one of the reasons why raclette is so popular on New Year’s Eve. But raclette is also possible with children on New Year’s Eve. You…

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