Saturday, February 4 2023

That’s why this fruit salad is currently delighting millions worldwide


Everyone knows a fruit salad: Cut the fruit into small pieces, drizzle some lemon juice over it, and you’re done! Why would you need a recipe for this and why is this one going viral? We’ll tell you!

The secret is in the details

A video of Danielle Brown, aka Health Girl Kitchen on TikTok, is going viral right now — and it’s nothing more than a fruit salad recipe! You could rightly be surprised at first, because you don’t need a recipe for a fruit salad, do you?

However, it is less about the recipe itself and more about the preparation. Because, according to Danielle, the salad only becomes really juicy if you cut the fruit as small as possible. A squeeze of lemon and a little fresh mint would round it off perfectly.

You can see the entire preparation recommendation and which fruits Danielle prefers to use to prepare her fruit salad in the video. (vho)

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