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No more pink prescriptions on paper, in future it will be the case for those with statutory health insurance: You can redeem prescriptions quickly and easily via the app.

  • More and more medical practices and pharmacies allow the use of e-prescriptions.
  • Insured persons can use it to receive and redeem prescriptions via smartphone.
  • For this they need an electronic health card with NFC function and the e-prescription app.

To do this, they have to show a prescription code in the e-prescription app on their smartphone at the pharmacy instead of the previous paper prescription. The e-prescription is currently being tested nationwide in numerous practices and pharmacies. It is gradually being introduced across Germany.

E-prescription app makes many things easier

In the future, the e-prescription not only saves paper, but also unnecessary travel. Because recipes no longer have to be printed out and can no longer be lost, as they are securely stored and can be called up via the app. In addition, the e-prescription opens up completely new possibilities:

  • A medical practice can transfer follow-up prescriptions directly to the app in the same billing quarter – without the insured person having to visit the practice.
  • Patients can use the app, for example when they are out and about, to find the pharmacy that is right for them with the corresponding opening times and they can pre-order the medication.
  • Insured persons can redeem e-prescriptions remotely and have the medication delivered directly to their home or collect it as soon as it is in stock.
  • As before, prescriptions can also be redeemed for relatives or neighbors. For this purpose, insured persons can call up and use recipes from other people in their app after authorization.
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If you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use it, you can of course still redeem prescriptions: simply ask for a printout in the doctor’s office.

Data in the e-prescription app is safe

Nobody has to worry about data security with e-prescriptions. Each e-prescription is multiply encrypted during digital transmission and stored securely on a separate healthcare data network that is not connected to the internet. This protects the data from unauthorized access. Only the insured persons themselves or a person authorized by them, the issuing medical practice and the pharmacy may view the e-prescription.

Activation via the electronic health card with PIN

Insured persons can find the current e-prescription app in the Apple, Google and Huawei app stores. In order to be able to use the app, you must register in the app. In addition to an NFC-enabled smartphone, they need an electronic health card with an NFC interface and a personal PIN. You can get the card including PIN from your health insurance company. An alternative, card-free registration via the health insurance app is already being planned. All information on the e-prescription, the app functions and the installation can be found at:

How to activate the e-prescription app:

  1. Have the electronic health card with NFC function and PIN ready.
  2. Download the app “The E-Recipe” in the App Store.
  3. Follow instructions in the app.
  4. The e-prescription app is ready to go and can receive prescriptions.

Tip: Insured persons should ask when their practice will start working with it the next time they see a doctor. They will soon be able to have their recipes sent to the app.

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