The recipe against constipation with the Jordansprudel: add sugar to the salt water

An expert presents two options for renovating the Bad Oeynhausen landmark. Both variants are not cheap.

Ulf Hanke

Bad Oeynhausen. There is still hope for the landmark of the spa town. The Jordan spring can be saved. On Tuesday evening, a specialist in deep drilling for thermal and mineral water supply explained to the operating committee of the state baths how the Jordan spring can be rehabilitated. The engineer Friedrich Cammerer from the Hydroisotop office in Bad Urach presented two options, both of which are not cheap. And in both cases, the blockage must first be loosened so that a very long straw can then be inserted into the bubble. But Cammerer also named a recipe against future constipation. He recommended injecting a sugar solution into the salt water.

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