Well hydrated on warm summer days, recipe for potato salad with watermelon, video, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Wonderfully refreshing. A salad of potatoes and watermelon combined with feta, pistachios and fresh mint. Photo: KMG, die-kartoffel.de

Well hydrated on warm summer days, recipe for potato salad with watermelon, video

  • In addition to drinks, foods with a high water content can also maintain the fluid balance in the body – recipe for potato salad with watermelon, feta and mint.

Berlin, June 21, 2022

It’s hot that #Sonne laughs and life can be enjoyed to the fullest. But if you don’t drink enough liquid on warm days, you usually feel the consequences quickly. Headaches and tiredness can occur or the circulatory system becomes sluggish. Water, fruit juices or other non-alcoholic beverages then provide a quick remedy. But did you know? Eating the right foods can also help you get through the summer well hydrated.

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In order to additionally replenish the water balance with food, #Fruit and #Vegetables suitable, which naturally contain a lot of water. With a water content of over 90 percent, watermelon, for example, is at the top of the list of liquid foods. In addition, it contains ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium and potassium. It not only helps to maintain the fluid balance, but also supplies the body with important nutrients at the same time. Practical: Thanks to the high water content, the watermelon only has 37 kilocalories per 100 grams. Another food with a high water content is the potato. Dieter Tepel, Managing Director of Kartoffel-Marketing GmbH, explains: »Potatoes consist of almost 80 percent water. This makes them ideal for light summer cooking, for example for a refreshing potato salad.« In addition, the great tubers have little fat (0.1 percent for 100 grams), contain high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates. Potatoes are not only extremely healthy and hydrating, they also keep you full for longer.

Well hydrated, deliciously combined: recipe for potato salad with #watermelon

Watermelon and potatoes not only taste particularly delicious individually in summer. Combined in a fruity salad, they become a refreshing summer food. Refined with feta, fresh mint and pistachios, the dish offers a taste explosion with many textures from crunchy and soft to salty and sweet.

To prepare the salad, wash 1.5 kilos of small, waxy new potatoes and cook them in their skins in a saucepan of salted water for around 15 to 20 minutes until they are done. Remove the pot from the heat, drain the water and set the potatoes aside. Allow the potatoes to cool, peel if necessary, cut into quarters and place in a large bowl. Then dice 500 grams of watermelon and place in the salad bowl next to the potato pieces. Wash half a bunch of mint, pat dry, peel off the leaves and roughly chop. Roughly chop 3 tablespoons of pistachios.

When everything is ready, add about half of the chopped mint leaves and pistachios to the potatoes and watermelon in the bowl. Reserve the remaining half to garnish the salad. Then drain 200 grams of feta cheese and crumble it over the remaining ingredients in very large pieces.

Now prepare the dressing. To do this, squeeze two lemons and whisk the juice together with half a cup of olive oil. Then salt and pepper well.

Drizzle the dressing over the potato salad and toss the salad gently. Garnish with the remaining chopped pistachios and fresh mint leaves, serve immediately and enjoy to the fullest.

About the CMM

Die #Potato #Marketing GmbH (KMG) was founded in 2014. It sees itself as an “alliance of potato professionals” and represents German ware potato producers and potato traders. Their goal is to inform consumers in Germany about the versatility and high value of the potato. The KMG includes the German Potato Trade Association, the Federal Association of Potato Producers’ Associations and the Lower Saxony Landvolk Association – State Farmers’ Association KMG projects are supported by the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank.

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