Winter barbecues: ideas for delicious recipes

Winter grilling recipes are just as delicious as summer recipes. The heartier the recipes are, the more they fit into the cold season. Let your imagination run wild and surprise your family and friends with a special recipe.

Winter grilling: recipes to try

winter barbecue is just as much fun as barbecuing in the summer. You may like the following ideas:

  • Trout: A quick recipe is a grilled trout. Rub them with some lemon juice, dill, garlic and butter before they go on the grill. The result is a soft and tasty grilled fish.
  • potatoes: Wrap potatoes in aluminum foil. Together with a marinade of mustard, olive oil, salt, pepper and honey, the potatoes will surely please your guests.
  • chicken thighs: Marinate chicken thighs in your favorite marinade or simply add Tabasco and soy sauce along with honey, salt and pepper. Grill the meat until it forms a crispy crust.
  • Steak: A pork steak with a hearty marinade is also good for grilling in winter. For the marinade, mix things like thyme, olive oil, garlic, shallots, salt and chili. Add some oil and lemon juice.

More ideas for winter barbecues

You might also like the following ideas when you fire up your winter barbecue:

  • fish skewers: Skewer salmon, cod and shrimp, for example, on a meat skewer. Salt and pepper the fish. If you like, you can also put zucchini slices or onions on the skewers.
  • Brussels sprouts skewers: If you have some Brussels sprouts, skewer potato slices, Brussels sprouts and some bacon on the skewers. It is best to marinate the vegetables beforehand or salt and pepper them just before preparation.
  • pork ribs: Pork ribs that have been marinated in a broth made from ginger, chili, garlic, sugar and vinegar look great on any winter barbecue. You can vary the marinade as you wish, for example by adding some whiskey or different herbs.
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These side dishes are perfect for winter grilling

Side dishes are part of every barbecue. Try the following side dish ideas:

  • Lamb’s lettuce: Mix lamb’s lettuce with sweaty bacon and your favorite spices. The side dish goes well with all grilled dishes.
  • red cabbage salad: Why not Rothkohl grate and mix with pomegranate seeds and a suitable vinaigrette? This idea also goes well with almost any grilled dish.
  • sausage salad: Mix chopped mortadella with cheese and pickles. Season everything with salt, sugar and pepper.

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