With this recipe from Elke Scheuler, the apple pie is guaranteed to be a success

After the asparagus and strawberry season, everything at Scheuler’s farm revolves around apples in late summer. Gala, Rubinette and Elstar grow right next to the farm. Elke Scheuler turns them into delicious apple pies in the farm café’s bakery.

Löchgau It’s harvest time. Frank Scheuler has fully loaded the truck. He brings the crates with the apples to the cider factory. Local orchard owners can exchange their apples for apple juice at the farm in Löchgau.

Scheuler’s farm shop and farm café

Frank Scheuler has been managing his parents’ farm in Löchgau since 1996. From 2001 Elke Scheuler supported him and just one year later there was a first farm shop in the extension to the house.

While Frank Scheuler took care of agriculture and animal husbandry, the farm shop was his wife’s kingdom. The offer, which was initially manageable, was quickly expanded. Elke Scheuler was particularly taken with the baked goods. She was soon known in the region for her farmer’s bread, yeast plaited bread and her home-baked cakes.

The newly built farm shop with a spacious farm café was opened in 2013 – and today Löchgau is unimaginable without it.

In cultivation, asparagus, strawberries and apples are the focus of the business. The range of apple varieties is large: in addition to early apples, Boskop, Elstar, Rubinette and many more grow and thrive on the plantation.

“We are living a dream here and are proud of what we have achieved together so far. The freshness and quality of our products and a strong team that supports us are the cornerstones of our daily work. Personal relationships with our customers and partners are important to us,” say Frank and Elke Scheuler.

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The Scheulers are no longer only represented in the northern district. There is also a farm shop in Münchingen with a small but fine farm café.

Info: www.scheulers-hofladen.de

Elstar, Jonagold, Rubinette, Fuji and Co.

Of course, you can also buy your own fresh harvest in the farm shop these days. The list of varieties that ripen on the Scheulers’ approximately two hectares of cultivation area is long. The early apples have been harvested. The Boskop still needs a bit. “We grow Elstar, Jonagold, Rubinette, Cox Orange, Braeburn, Fuji, Gala and Topas,” lists Elke Scheuler. During this dry year, the family had to keep watering the plantations so that the apples didn’t get too small and dry.

Meanwhile, the smell of freshly baked cakes wafts through the bakery. Elke Scheuler opens the oven and takes out an apple pie with cream topping and crumbles. During these weeks everything revolves around apples on the farm. But the following applies to the display of the Hofcafé: “Apple pie should not be missing from the range all year round,” says Elke Scheuler.

These apples are best for apple pie

For baking, she personally prefers to use the slightly sour Elstar or the Boskop winter apple from the large selection. “However, you have to process Boskop quickly, because it turns brown particularly quickly.” This does not affect the taste of the cake, but for optical reasons it may not appeal to everyone.

Do you have a favorite apple pie recipe? Scheuler laughs and shakes his head. “There are so many recipes for apple pie,” she didn’t want to name a favorite. She likes apple pie with few, good ingredients. A covered apple pie, for example: A simple shortcrust pastry, apple slices and sugar on top, cover with a thin shortcrust pastry and brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with granulated sugar. “The recipe is so simple and yet tastes so good, even lukewarm.”

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What goes down particularly well with the guests in the café

The guests of the Hofcafé especially love Elke Scheuler’s apple and cream cake. “It always has to be there,” she says with a wink. This cake also has a shortcrust pastry base, finely chopped and thickened apples and creamy cream on top. She prefers not to reveal the exact recipe of this popular cake.

Also very tasty and popular with guests is the apple pie with whipped cream, which needs to be baked in the oven for a few more minutes so that the crumbles become crispier. “This recipe is easy to bake at home,” promises Elke Scheuler.

Recipe: Apple pie with whipped cream and crumbles:


For the ground:

250 g flour

125 g Butter

60 grams of sugar

1 No

For the icing:

1 cup of sweet cream

1 cup sour cream

150 grams of sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

3 Owner

100 g Mondamin

Optional: lemon zest or vanilla

For the sprinkles:

40 grams of sugar

40 g Butter

50 grams of flour

7 to 10 apples (depending on size)


Quickly knead the ingredients for the shortcrust pastry,…

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