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The news is still very fresh and in a good mood: Berlin-Spandau will take part in the Special Olympics 2023 (the world’s biggest sports festival for the disabled) with 7,000 athletes, 20,000 assistants, and more.) to accept the Pacific island countries of Micronesia, Kiribati and Nauru. Frank Bewig, a member of the Spandau City Sports Council, has just sent in this information – and that was natural. one of the most important issues Spandau in the newsletter from Tagesspiegel.

Lord, where is this? beloved Diercke Atlas of the World ?! Where are these three island states? Let’s take Google Maps: here is in the middle of Nauru, waving nowhere between the US and Australia. And above is a photo from the air, which can be found at dpa. breath taking.

It is a 13,700-kilometer flight from Berlin-Gatow Airport to Nauru. The island nation is the second largest in the world and has a smaller population than Kladow, with 11,600.

There are more churches on the beach than in the Old Town. And the Nazis even bombed the island during the war. I didn’t find the sports ground in the air, but I did discover it in Kiribati – although the football field looked like a meadow in Miunsingerparke without rain in the middle of summer. Currently there is 29 degrees heat. So fast Spandau newsletter check.

[Den Spandau-Newsletter gibt’s in voller Länge – mit konkreten Bezirksnachrichten, Tipps und Terminen – hier und kostenlos: leute.tagesspiegel.de].

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“We are already waiting for guests from the Micronesia, Nauru and Kiribati,” said Bewig, a member of the sports council. “Of course, we have already thought about suitable accommodation options and gathered initial ideas for leisure activities, but now we can start planning intensively. As soon as we know what sports our guests are actively involved in, we will address the issue of suitable training facilities.

Fixed energy tariff: how much is left of the 300 euro fixed energy tariff

Find a match in our immediate neighborhood. For example, an ice rink on Glockenturmstraße (about 300 meters in a straight line to Spandau), the Olympic Park or in front of Kladow on the Wannsee. “Our sailing competition takes place in Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee eV right on the popular Wannsee,” the organizers announced.

Gatow Water Sports Center is not accessible for the disabled

The water sports center in Berlin-Gatow has beds directly on the Havel, unfortunately the house is completely unsuitable for the disabled, according to Tagesspiegel: “No elevator, only stairs”. As an alternative, the district office offered the Hotel Christophorus in the beautiful Johannesstift in its applications. It is now considered a favorite, I hear in the hallways of the town hall.

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