All information about the fights and what to expect?

Who gets into the battles?

All talents Blind auditions in one of the four teams are automatically included in the battles. There they have to compete with other talents on their team.

The Voice – Battles: Talent vs. Talent

Unlike in season 11, this year talent is not yet removed from the team during training. Only in duels or trials is it said: talent against talent. A better voice goes into singing. The respective coach decides which talents were stronger and which votes he wants to advance to the next round.

Coaches stole deals

With Steal Trades in Splits: Whoever is defeated in battles still has a chance to win. With their steal deals, coaches can add talent that has been eliminated from the competition to their team and take them to the next stage.

What talents will be next?

Get an overview of all relevant team talent. Who’s next after the blind auditions and what song was performed?

You can see “The Voice” every Thursday at 20:15 on ProSieben and Fridays at 20:15 on SAT.1.

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