“Anyone who isn’t worried now is naive.”

But that would be like putting a plaster on the wrong place. As it stands, we don’t have an electrical problem that would have to be solved this way. And accordingly, the costs, risks and benefits are currently disproportionate.

Why do the Union and the FDP still insist on this?

The debate is being deliberately made far wider than it’s worth in order to prepare for the fall and winter blame game. Then it will be like this: it is your fault that there is not enough energy. Strategically, this can be smart. It is not fair, responsible and not in the interests of citizens.

Christian Lindner: The leader of the FDP and the finance minister can imagine the extension of the operation of nuclear power plants.
Christian Lindner: The leader of the FDP and the finance minister can imagine the extension of the operation of nuclear power plants. (Source: Kay Nietfeld/dpa-images)

But energy prices will actually continue to rise for now. Unions demand a hat. Good idea?

This is an interesting proposition if such a cover can be properly constructed. But we cannot say: dear people, use as much energy as you want, the state limits everything. That would be the wrong signal.

How should it work then?

Trade unions have a concept of capping gas prices for basic needs. Because it must remain accessible to everyone. This proposal is also sure to be considered in the discussions on the new relief.

From Business now contradicts the rule that in an emergency the gas should be turned off first to industry and only then to private individuals. Are warm sites more important than safe jobs?

There are clear European regulations where the gas is turned off first. Private households and critical infrastructure such as hospitals are particularly protected. But we have to realize the consequences: if the economy really has to be shut down, we will have it soon Economic crisis with massive job losses. We have to prevent this.

But will private individuals then be able to use as much gas at home as they want? Can I be a cosmetic surgeon? Lake Constance heat his pool while the middle class lives in it Braunschweig break down?

I think people know how serious the situation is. However, if gas still needs to be rationed, we will have to talk about further regulations, for example on administrative buildings.

We are facing a heat wave again, the climate crisis is acute around the world. At the same time, the Minister of Green Climate Robert Habek coal-fired power plants have just been upgraded. Who is actually making climate policy when the Greens are busy with other crises?

Despite everything: we. Traffic Light has just passed seven laws for better climate protection and faster development of renewable energy. Climate protection must be the responsibility of all governments, not just the Greens. Nothing exempts us from this responsibility.

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