At what temperature do pets feel comfortable?

Dogs – fur is important

The differences in the insulating coat structure between dog breeds are very large. There are short-haired and long-haired dogs, some develop a winter coat and some do not. “Long-haired dogs with dense fur suffer more from high temperatures in the summer and then they are very happy to look for a cold tile floor in the apartment to rest, for example.

“For short-haired dogs that don’t develop a winter coat, 19°C in an apartment is still not a problem if they have adequate insulation on a lying surface (eg from cold tiled floors),” says Dr. Willa Bohnet. , a behavioral researcher at the Hannover Veterinary University.

When it’s very, very cold, especially dogs that are outside a lot need to eat a little more. But owners who walk their dogs regularly know this. But most dogs are still overfed and tend to be overweight, Cermak says.

What about cats’ sensitivity to cold?

Cats love warmth because they originally descended from the wild Egyptian cat. Meanwhile, however, the European domestic cat became well adapted to the northern European climate after about 4,000 to 3,000 years. It gets a winter coat that is very dense and provides excellent insulation against cold and moisture (rain), says Bohnet.

Outdoor cats are used to the cold

There are many cats that are outdoor cats and live mostly outdoors or even completely outdoors. In winter, they look for places sheltered from the wind and rain, such as hayfields or barns, to rest or be protected. And indoor cats, who have the opportunity to go outside as they please, can choose a heater when the weather is uncomfortable.

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