Bad Bunny, the phenomenon: Who is the most streamed musician?

What makes a Puerto Rican with a penchant for wrestling and manicured nails so special? 2022 was his year.

Hardly anyone writes about Bad Bunny without mentioning: It wasn’t that long ago that the world’s most streamed musician was still a bagger at the supermarket. By the way, he did this by financing his studies in communication. So it didn’t start that far down, but it definitely reached the top. It is said that in 1994 born Puerto Rican, whose real name was Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, always dreamed of becoming a singer.

Big success didn’t take long. in 2017 he signed his first record deal, and from then on it was all uphill. in 2020 he entered Spotify’s global annual charts of the most streamed artists, and in 2021 took first place. What he did this year too. What makes Bad Bunny special? He wants to be versatile, mixing all Latin American styles with rap, hip-hop, house and European dance music, plus his heavy, booming voice. The secret to his sound is a really simple tactic: Bad Bunny deliberately uses cheap microphones.

Bad Bunny at the premiere of the film in the summer.
Bad Bunny at the premiere of the film in the summer.c) IMAGO / ZUMA Wire (IMAGO / Billy Bennight)

In any case, 2022 was a particularly successful year for him: nominated eight times by the Grammy jury, his album “Un Verano Sin Ti” is the first Spanish-language album in the main category of Album of the Year. New York podcast Switched On Pop also named it “Winner of the Year”.

Rap and wrestling, but flawless nails

In about a year, he should go too A miracle– become a hero. After his acting debut in 2021 in the third season Netflixin Narcos: Mexico, he will soon become the first Latin American Marvel hero to have his own feature film. And wrestler El Muerto, one would think.

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But when rapping or wrestling (which is one of Bad Bunny’s weaknesses), he challenges well-known masculinity clichés: for example, he wore a skirt and pearl ears on the cover of the American Harper’s Bazaar. On Instagram, you can see impeccably manicured, colorfully painted nails. And Bad Bunny speaks publicly about his depression.

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