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Go skiing with the help of lifts is a luxury – even without the increase in ticket prices. On the one hand, this is because it is not enough to buy a ski pass. In addition, there is the necessary equipment, from skis, ski poles and boots to clothing, including warm underwear. Especially families with children know that it can be quite expensive. After all, offspring constantly need something new just because they are growing. All of these can be bought used, but you still have to pay for them. Also, ski areas are not really vital. If you want to hit the mountains, away from the piste circus, you can do it cheaper – grab your sleds, snowshoes or touring skis and have fun.

The coming winter may become a litmus test for ski resort operators as to how much winter sports enthusiasts are willing to pay. Of course, mountain railways may not pass on huge increases in energy costs to their customers. But with almost 50 euros for an adult day ticket Brauneck the psychologically important limit has almost been reached. Stopped and went home and from them with such an amount is still impossible. If you’re only skiing for a few days in the winter anyway, you should think twice about whether it’s worth it – and maybe stay away altogether.

In the economically strong area of ​​Munich, there are still enough earners who can easily afford a ski pass. It is also significantly more expensive in Kitzbühel, which is particularly popular with certain customers in the state capital. A day ticket for adults in the main season, renamed premium season for marketing purposes, costs 65 euros. But this should not be an argument. If the skier segment shrinks significantly, the leisure sport loses a broad base, and with it, a sufficient number of offspring that should also be won as regular customers one day.

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It would be a shame. Anyone who has ever taken in a sunlit mountain landscape sparkling with snow crystals on a misty winter day in the lowlands can certainly relate. It is also possible without a ski area. However, only in a monitored ski area are people protected from mountain hazards such as avalanches. Ski resort operators are hitting the bullseye and must be careful not to fall before the already feared climate change.

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