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Dear readers,

we live in strange times. There is always too much or too little – but “just right” is hard to find.

Let’s take this schools. First, we had to deal with a declining birth rate. Nothing seemed more desirable than an increase in the number of students. And now, you guessed it: Now we have this student plus, and that’s not right either. Because these students want to be taught in smart, at least not overcrowded classrooms. But it’s getting harder and harder. Meanwhile, the problem has also reached the South, which does not usually complain about overpopulation.

And if there are no problems with the premises or external circumstances, then you can handle it yourself. At least it seems so I am Mellensee run away There was one Another reform began (Critics would say: jumped the fence) and now we have a salad. In case of a dispute, it goes where it always goes – in court. Reported, complained about, in short: the entire dispute keyboard is served. Let’s hope the kids don’t learn there for the rest of their lives.

In this context, one issue should not be missing: lack of staff. Apprenticeships were rare (not anymore), the same was true in the workplace (also not anymore), and those who wanted to be extra safe celebrated a job in administration like winning the lottery (that too is passing). As District Administrator Kornelia Wehlan told the District Council recently, There are 100 vacancies in the district administration. Administrations are only employers and compete with others for good employees. And then the question arises: What makes work attractive? Whoever finds the correct answer first gets the employee.

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Corona review

Seven day frequency:

  • 393.5 (328.9 a week ago) in Dahme-Spreewald
  • 309.5 (334.6 a week ago) in Teltow-Fläming

Free intensive care beds:

  • Dahme-Spreewald: 21.9 percent
  • Teltow-Fläming: 21.4 percent

Mayoral elections in Trebbin

Thomas Berger (left) and Ronny Haase are running for mayor of Trebbin on September 25.

Thomas Berger (left) and Ronny Haase are running for mayor of Trebbin on September 25.

Trebbin: Mayoral candidates answer questions from MAZ readers

Thomas Berger and Ronny Haase are running for mayor in Trebbin on September 25. Before that, they answer questions from MAZ readers. Now first part and second part to read

Trebbin: The left recommends Thomas Berger (CDU) as the new mayor.

The second round of the mayoral election will be held in Trebbin on September 25. The regional left association is now the electoral recommendation for the current leader Thomas Berger and explains why. Read now

News from BER

BER airport: who is responsible for the luggage chaos

Lots of suitcases got stuck in BER this summer.  The airport talks about numbers "small four-digit range".

Lots of suitcases got stuck at BER this summer (here’s a pic from August). The airport says the number is in the “low four-digit range.”

Flight Chaos: Is HSV Billionaire Lufthansa? | politics

Many BER passengers still do not return their luggage. This causes a lot of resentment at the airport. But who or what is really to blame for the suitcase chaos? Read now

News of the week

Frank Nerlich takes the first greetings by phone on election night.

Frank Nerlich takes the first greetings by phone on election night.

Frank Nerlich is the new mayor of Wildau

Independent Frank Nerlich becomes the new mayor of Wildau. After his victory in the second stage, there are congratulations and high expectations. The factions in the city council are ready to cooperate. Read now

Comment: Wildau after the election: There is an opportunity to start a new one

Wildau has a chance to make a fresh start after the mayoral election. Desire is from all sides. But words must now be followed by deeds. Read now

Mittenwalde: Say goodbye to accessibility – makeshift RVS bus stops cause trouble

Due to the new RVS route, some of the stops built by the city of Mittenwalde are no longer in use. Instead, posts with timetables were rammed into the ground. This causes trouble. Read now

TF: County council strengthens administration of budget dispute with Zossen

Disputes over the year’s district allocations…

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