Brown Swiss Queen: Who’s Your Favorite?

The Swiss Classic is next Saturday at Brunegg AG. The program also includes the election of the Queen of Brown Switzerland. Six candidates are fighting for the title. In our poll of the week, we want to know who your favorite is. The voice

On December 3rd, the heart of the Brown Swiss breeders beats faster: the Swiss Classic takes place in Brunei. Due to the corona pandemic, the event could not take place in 2021. and was supposed to be postponed to 2022.


Next to Bruna in the spring, the Swiss Breeding Group Championship is a big one in 2022. brown swiss breeders event. Breeders have been talking about the show for months. Which cows will participate in the show And will the St. Gallen breeders’ group manage to defend the title of Swiss champion won for the first time in 2019?

In addition to the cattle breeding event, the new Brown Swiss Queen will be selected. She has been representing Brown Swiss and agriculture at home and abroad for 2 years. “She advocates the brown race and its economic advantages, as well as general agriculture,” written on the organizers’ website. As an ambassador to the general public and politicians in Switzerland and abroad, the Brown Swiss Queen is meant to “compassionately demonstrate” the breed’s merits.

The Swiss Classic audience chooses the new queen.

Good connection with Brown Swiss breeding

In order to run for office, women must be at least 20 years old, have a Swiss passport and have a good knowledge of the Swiss Brown Swiss breed. According to the rules, she must also be on good terms with Swiss Brown Swiss breeders and be familiar with Swiss Brown Swiss breeders.

Who is the woman next to Hansi Flick? She worked for the DFB until recently

With the inclusion of the 18 participating Brown Swiss breeder groups and, if necessary, the cantonal organizations, women from all regions should be able to compete. The first pre-selection is carried out by a jury appointed by Braunvieh Switzerland and the association Swiss Classic. Five to six candidates make it to the finals.

This year Miriam Scheuber from Oftringen (AG), Priska Marty from Altendorf (SZ), Daniela Bergmann from Abländschen (BE), Alessia Sonderegger from Flumserberg Saxli (SG), Janine Bartholet from Plons (SG) and Anja Koch from Braunau (TG) made it to the finals.

Finalists must complete the following tasks:
• Introduce yourself
• Express your knowledge of Swiss Brown Swiss
• Support of OC in representative tasks
• Promotional performances in preparation for 2022. Swiss Classic.

The Brown Queen of Switzerland is chosen by the public at the Swiss Classic in Brunei. There is one ballot per entry that can be cast directly into the ballot box. Voting ends at 21:00. Eliane Berner’s successor will be announced shortly after 10 p.m.


Who is your favorite? Who would you vote for? The voice. The results of this poll do not affect Saturday’s election.

Interview with the candidates for the Brown Swiss Queen election:

Priska Marty: “Give Your Love Brown Swiss”
Alessia Sonderegger: “It’s a great honor to represent Braunvieh”
Anja Koch: “A Breed That Stands Out in Hard Times”
Daniela Bergman: “Brown Cattle Fever in the Cradle”
Miriam Scheuber: “I appreciate the flexible use of breed”
Janine Bartholet: “With all my heart for Braunvieh”

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previous queens

Eliane Berner (2019-2022)
Patricia Hobi (2017-2019)
Andrea Furrer (2015-2017)
Barbara Reidt (2013-2015)
Barbara Rohrer (2011-2013)

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