Business and biodiversity: “Keeping destruction out of the supply chain”

It depends a lot on your own willingness to rethink and act differently. Problems and issues have been known for a long time. But the time to act is now. If you wait too long, you may have to adjust in an extremely short amount of time. And it can really become an existential risk.

Which sectors need to act quickly?

The World Biodiversity Council IPBES stated in 2019 that the loss of biodiversity is mainly caused by agriculture and urbanization. Surface sealing and fragmentation through building zones and infrastructure play an important role. This is followed by other areas such as mining. The report identifies the financial and tax sectors as indirect drivers that prevent or enable global action to conserve biodiversity.

How is the reverse in terms of business potential? At first, climate protection was only seen as a burden, now it is a profit. Does this also apply to biodiversity?

I don’t want to go there. There is a discussion about the so-called valorization of nature, but it is an extremely sensitive and complex topic. Climate protection simply has the advantage of having a parameter, which is CO2 emissions in tonnes. I can use this unit of measurement in any country, in any business, for any product. CO2 is almost like a currency, so you can do business with it too.

What about biodiversity?

There is not just one measurement value, as in the case of climate protection, it is always about complex chains of effects and consequences in very different regional, ecological or climatic conditions. Of course, there are exemplary projects and methods such as forest product certification. But even there, standards are often fought for years because the devil is in the details. However, biodiversity can be better used to communicate with business partners. If customers learn that companies are positively impacting biodiversity in their locations, through partnerships with farmers or in their supply chain, this is an important quality attribute. It can also increase the value of the company itself.

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