Catrin Heyne Celebrity Big Brother 2022: Age, Work and Personal Life

Sat.1 announces a new arrival to “Celebrity Big Brother 2022”. It is Goodbye Germany emigrant Catrin Heyne. WHO? We present to you a portrait of the 38-year-old.

After a voluntary withdrawal, the person who almost declared himself the winner Jeremy Fragrance from “Promi Big Brother”– Container hat Saturday.1 has coaxed a new apartment out of the junk TV sleeve: it’s “Goodbye, Germany” expat Catrin Heyne. It will be in the near future The tenth of 2022 Celebrity Big Brother season air dates the previous one CelebrityBB contestants To keep company.

But what is a “power woman”? VOX-The audience, if at all, should only be famous as a TV expat with a soft spot for a Mediterranean tan and big breasts? Here we tell you what the native Saxon does, what her goals are and what is known about her private life.

Who is the new Celebrity Big Brother 2022 contestant? Catrin Heyne’s profile

  • Name: Catherine Heyne
  • Profession: Head of eleven tan studies
  • Place of birth: Saxony
  • Birthday: 1984 May 4
  • Star sign Taurus
  • Gender Female
  • Man: Mark Heyne
  • Hair color: blonde

Video: SAT.1

Catrin Heyne as an expat in Goodbye Germany

Trained dental assistant Catrin Heyne made her first TV appearance on a private broadcaster VOX and the well-known format “Goodbye, Germany”. in 2012 along with her then-boyfriend and now-husband Marco Heyne, she moved from her home in Saxony to Germany in front of the cameras. Switzerland start a new life there. The project was sluggish at first. So Heyne had to work as a cashier at a supermarket discount store for the first three years.

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Catrin Heyne – her daily routine and entry into the tanning business

But she persevered, eventually got into the tanning business in Switzerland and is now the CEO of a veritable tanning empire with eleven branches.

Therefore, your daily life moves at a sufficiently high speed. Noisy Saturday.1 she gets up every morning at 5, gets ready for class, leaves home at 6:30. – “without makeup, of course never,” and she’s also pretty busy working 60 hours a week.

Also, the native Saxon should be very disciplined when it comes to personal hygiene. Regular gym visits and strict diets are on Heyne’s agenda. All of this may secretly serve a completely different purpose – preparation for Heyne’s big dream in life.

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Catrin Heyne and her dream of a TV career

Because Catrin Heyse’s true passion is the spotlight. Here she wants to show her true personality: “I want to be known, I want everyone to know who Heyne is someday,” as she once did on her home radio station. VOX defiantly issued.

However, the reaction of the media industry was initially cautious about this request. In addition to the documentary Goodbye Germany, she first appeared on the boob tube, namely in 2019. on the same channel in the TV report “Pia – close up”. During a major personal decision – breast augmentation – Heyne was accompanied by cameras that never left her side until “Hanni and Nanni” reached the desired size.

But Catrin Heyne wants to go much higher, sometimes dreaming of being the center of her own docu-soap, shining on magazine covers and walking the red carpet. In short: she wants to be known.

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Partner and children: How does Catrin Heyne mark in private?

In addition to her professional dreams, Heyne would like to own a house with the man of her dreams, Marco Heyne, and have children if she can. Her husband and partner, who work shifts seven days a week, try a little less to organize their life together…

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