Celebrity Big Brother 2022: Who’s the winner? Voice!

  • It is implemented from 2022. November 18 Celebrity Big Brother Anniversary Season On Saturday.1.
  • 15 celebs battle it out for victory in 24 hours on camera.
  • The final will take place in 2022. on December 7th, but has the winner already been decided? Voice!

Finally here again! From 2022 November 18 Big Brother will be loaded 15 inhabitants to their homes for the jubilee season. The 10th season is moderated Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp, daily direct from Cologne. A host of celebrities face their Big Brother challenges in extreme situations and under 24-hour surveillance.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022: These candidates are already out

Jeremy Fragrance

Just days after Patrick Hufen, another resident announces he’s leaving of his own volition: perfume influencer Jeremy Fragrance is leaving the show on the 6th day after he was last able to enjoy loft life.

As a perfumer, Jeremy is well known to many perfume fans. By the way, the man in the white suit has a lot of them: he has about 666,000 followers on Instagram.

Patrick Hoofs

Already on day 2, TV detective Patrick Hufen has decided to voluntarily withdraw from Celebrity Big Brother 2022.

Hufen was born in 1970. August 13 in Duisburg. The TV detective is actually a trained insurance salesman. The man from Duisburg has been working for HuK Coburg for over 20 years. The TV face has been with us since 2008. through his “side job”. RTL known to the general public.

I heard it at the age of 14 Patrick Hoofs now to the “insurance detective” team. Here, an insurance expert constantly demonstrates his experience in exposing fraud in insurance claims. More than 70 episodes and specials have already been broadcast over 13 seasons of RTL’s long-running hit.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022: Who Will Win Season 10?

Last year, pop singer Melanie Müller won. She won the Celebrity Big Brother 2021 with the most votes from the audience. He was one of the favorites in our poll before the event. Will the fans be right again this year? Vote and tell us who has what it takes in the final to win the title Prom Big Brother 2022 take it!

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    Micaela Shepherd

    Nude model Micaela Schäfer is 2022. Part of Celebrity Big Brother. She returns to the cameras almost ten years after participating in Jungle Camp and four years after Star Summer Home. Micaela Schäfer rose to fame on Germany’s Next Top Model. In addition to participating in Jungle Camp, Micaela Schäfer has a lot of reality TV experience. In 2020 and 2021, Schäfer was also a candidate for the SAT.1 game show “Reality Star Festival – Who’s the Brightest Candle”. So she knows what’s expected of her in front of the Celebrity Big Brother cameras – and she’ll do well!

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    Jörg Knör

    Jörg Knör is 2022. Part of Celebrity Big Brother. The star parodist once had his own show and is known as an impersonator of Udo Lindenberg (76) and Helmut Kohl († 87), among others. He is now one of the residents of this year’s season of Celebrity Big Brother.

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    Menderes Bagchis

    DSDS legend Menderes Bagci (37) is in 2022. Part of Celebrity Big Brother. Menderes Bagci became famous throughout Germany as a regular candidate for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Although the 37-year-old was usually dropped in the first round of selection due to his outlandish performances, his stamina quickly made him a crowd favourite. After all, Menderes faced the stern ear of Dieter Bohlen (68) and Co. every year, DSDS should not have won, but in 2016 TV popularity took on a different format: in the RTL show “I’m a star – get. get me out of here!” he was elected king of the jungle.

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