David Armstrong-Jones: Is Queen Elizabeth’s nephew in love again?

David Armstrong-Jones
Has Queen Elizabeth’s nephew been taken again?

David Armstrong-Jones, Count of Snowdon

David Armstrong-Jones, Count of Snowdon

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News of the British royals in the GALA column: David Armstrong-Jones is spotted in the arms of a young woman.

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2022 May 16

David Armstrong-Jones: Queen Elizabeth’s nephew noticed in London

Obviously he has to David Armstrong-Jones60 years old, next to him a new woman. Son of Princess Margaret, † 71 turned out to be close to Isabelle de La Bruyere over the weekend. Pictures from the British Daily Mail show that Count Snowdon shines with joy near his native Frenchman. Armstrong-Jones has not yet officially confirmed the relationship, but has made no secret on the streets of London that he loves his handsome companion.

First, they are said to have taken walks in the luxury district of Belgrade. Count Snowdon and Isabelle de La Bruyere were then spotted eating together. A passer-by told the Daily Mail: “They looked happy to see them together and had no worries in the world.” Isabelle de La Bruyere is the director of Christie’s, a London real estate auction house. David Armstrong-Jones also works for the company, where he serves as honorary chairman.

The 60-year-old monarch’s nephew gave 2020 announced a divorce from his wife Serena. The couple has been married for 27 years. With Isabelle de La Bruyere, David Armstrong-Jones presents himself with a partner for the first time.

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