Destiny 2 had to adjust a particularly difficult story quest because it’s too hard for you

To 2 fate Week by week are the next steps towards history this season. While these tasks can be completed as usual, many guardians encountered a task step this week that was too difficult. Therefore, Bungie had to step in and complete the task for you.

What was the task? Week 5 also brought new Destiny 2 quests for finding seasonal stories. Guardians had to score 50 points in one step Champions made from various activities.

Easier said than done, as what seems like an easy task for a small percentage of players is clearly a daunting task for most part-time maintainers.

Bungie noticed this and didn’t hesitate to automatically complete each guardian’s task.

Bungie shows who is responsible for this test

According to Bungie, this sudden foray into seasonal questing was for good reason. on Twitter it was made clear that the requirements were simply too high for many players.

But unlike previous quests that only halved, for example, this time Bungie has automatically completed the entire quest for you.

Many caregivers find it difficult to overcome challenges

However, anyone familiar with seasonal quests will know that this move felt more like an experiment. Many of the quests in Bungie’s Seasonal Stories are usually easy to complete and rarely present much of a challenge.

But this time the guardians were forced to do something really difficult compared to the previous tasks.

  • You had to kill 50 champions, which are the toughest opponents in Destiny 2.
  • If you wanted the most progress, you had to jump into the Ketch Crash activity and do it on Grandmaster difficulty.
  • Grandmaster not only has a 1600 power level requirement, but also no matchmaking.
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But just days after the weekly reset, Bungie rowed back. Many caregivers clearly struggled with the task. If you don’t complete the weekly story quests, you won’t advance to the next week of the season either.

It’s basically clear who’s in charge of Destiny 2 after this test and it’s casual players. Unfortunately, for many part-time keepers, this was either impossible or simply very difficult to manage.

A small challenge is too much for many caregivers: This case of laziness shows that Bungie wants to make it easy for most patrons. There will hardly be any challenges for players who have little time during the week for their tasks.

So while many longtime patrons laughed at the task, the new lights began to sweat profusely. As the task took forever during normal twilight, and where the most progress was made, it was no easy task for one and only one.

However, there are patrons who understand such customization as reddit users TheGuyFromTheM0vie:

“[…] Would a random dad with 5 wives, 3 jobs and 8 kids who logs in every week to play story even know how to farm a champion? Do they even know what a champion is, what its mods are, or how they work? I highly doubt it, as crazy as it sounds. But think about it – where would she ever see champions NOT in Endgame, NOT in Grandmaster+? […]”

reddit user explains TheGuyFromTheM0vie

As such, it’s not even possible for many guardians to reach a level where it’s common to take on champions without getting knocked to the ground.

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This shows the community that Bungie still has work to do to create a platform where both pro players and casual players can play together without any tweaks.

What do you think of Bungie’s sudden change of heart? Do you think this was a test or a random glitch in the creation of the task that shouldn’t have happened? Let’s find out in the comments!

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