Discussions about the winners of the crisis: whoever scolds profitable companies must not be silent about the state – the economy

Given the current situation, let’s talk briefly about the windfall. That’s more income without increasing your effort. And who is the biggest beneficiary? Tax State. When it comes to income tax and value added tax, it cannot be overlooked. So it was. that’s right.

examples? When goods become more expensive, VAT revenue automatically increases. If the product now costs 200 euros instead of 100 euros, the state’s income doubles from 19 to 38 euros.

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In addition, the state has even made money from its debts in recent years due to negative interest rates. Some people are jealous. There would be several more such examples, the key word being cold progression.

additional income for the state should not be bad per se if, instead of allowing it to be stuck in the general budget, it was invested purposefully:

  • in the infrastructure
  • in digitization
  • in railways, bridges and the military.

why pointing the finger at Shell, RWE and gas suppliersbefore that, first of all, you will not skim the additional profit from the state – and return it to the citizens.

The burden affects us all

By the way: the windfall for the tax state also came from many years of zero and negative interest rates. For the dramatic reduction of expenses in the state budgets at the expense of the old-age provision of savers, investors and insured persons.

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But above all, at the expense of future generations.

It affects us all – especially the so-called little people – but much more than the party videos from Finland and the horrible behavior of the ARD members. It’s like a club.

The treasurer must be accountable to his members and use the contributions according to the bylaws.

If the donation is for a new clubhouse, he must pay for the clubhouse. And if the contribution is increased to support those who have an accident at the club during the sport, this added value must end with them.

Keyword: transparency

And when the windfall goes to the state, they have to either reduce the debt or avoid or reduce the creation of new debts. Alternatively, these windfalls must be returned to citizens, also through social choice and prioritization.

Always clear. Always 1.1. Always goal oriented. As with the club.

Wer eg recover windfall from Shell or Allianz instead of letting someone like that wander into dividend increases, let the same rules apply to you. Isn’t that just natural?

And yes: don’t forget this pillar – costs. They must be transparent and re-directed. For example, vehicle tax revenue for mobility and transport infrastructure. He who does not, does not act like this, sows the wind and reaps the storm.

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