Do I still have to go for a PCR test and be quarantined?

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Current regulation: What to do if the rapid test for coronavirus is positive? (Iconic image) © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa

As the temperature drops, more and more people are afraid of contracting the coronavirus. But what if the rapid test is positive?

Even if we have been trying to come to terms with the coronavirus for more than two years, we have to protect ourselves and protect ourselves applicable rules to stay We often lose track. Is a mask required at this time? and if so, where? Will masks have to be worn indoors again in autumn? And what do I actually have to do at this point if my rapid test is positive? Spoiler: Then the PCR test is not mandatory, how reported

The rapid test is positive: what should I do now? The PCR test is no longer mandatory

There was a time during the pandemic when it seemed obvious: if the rapid test is positive, you go for a PCR test to make sure you don’t have the coronavirus. However, this is no longer the case because, according to the Federal Ministry of Health, a positive rapid test does not need to be reported.

But what if I take out insurance? would like – should I have a PCR test? “If you want to take a PCR test, a positive self-test or rapid test is now sufficient. Typical coronary symptoms when a doctor orders a PCR test,” says the current report Stuttgart news.

A positive rapid test result does not obligate you to quarantine

What about quarantine? Anyone who tests positive for the rapid coronavirus test in Baden-Württemberg is not automatically quarantined and is not required to do so. Quarantine is only required if a rapid antigen test performed by trained personnel or a PCR test is also positive.

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But: If a quick test result leads you to believe you have the coronavirus, the authorities — and probably your fellow humans — will be asked to act responsibly. At best, this means voluntary isolation until symptoms subside.

Will PCR tests then only be used to please the insecure? No, of course it’s not that simple. There are certainly situations where a PCR result is needed; always “when the infection or non-infection with the coronavirus must be officially proven. For example, when traveling or issuing health and vaccination certificates.”

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