Does it make sense to ventilate in the rain? Tips for mold

In order to avoid mold in winter, we should ventilate regularly. This is how we change the humid air inside with dry, fresh air. But does it work in bad weather? Does it make sense to ventilate in the rain?

Ventilation is important for many reasons: On the one hand, in a stuffy room, we are less able to concentrate and get tired quickly. User Center. On the other hand, breathing enriches the air humidity enabled. This can become a problem, especially in winter: in rooms with too much humidity, it quickly appears at low temperatures Schimmel. On the other hand, heating and ventilation help.

Such a change in weather seems logical when it is dry outside. But what about when it rains – does ventilation make sense then?

Why you should also ventilate when it rains

Yes, you should not forget about ventilation even when it is raining. This is for the following reasons:

When you ventilate, you replace the air in the room with the outside air. If there is a high level of humidity in the outdoor air, humidity take off in the interior for a while. However, the value changes when the cold outside air is heated inside. Air that is fully saturated at 10 degrees Celsius (100 percent humidity) does not even have a relative humidity of 20 degrees Celsius 50 percent and then is relatively dry.

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In short: Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air. If you ventilate when it’s raining and wet air comes in, the humidity in the room will still drop as soon as the heater warms up the cold air. By the way, this also applies Ventilate the mist and ventilation in the snow.

By the way: By the way, the fact that it is raining does not automatically mean that it is very humid outside. Relative humidity depends on many factors, including temperature, as described above. Most weather reports also include relative humidity.

Avoid mold: with ventilation and heating

Always ventilate the bedroom well
When ventilating, it is best to open the window all the way and not ventilate continuously when it is tilted. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay / pexels)

Ventilation also makes sense when it rains. With exception:

If it’s about as cold outside as it is inside, ventilation may not help reduce indoor humidity when it’s raining. If you want to avoid mold in winter, you must not only ventilate, but also the heat. Energy expert Martin Brandis from the Utopiai consumer consultation center recommends that the room temperature be as high as possible not below 16 degrees lowered to prevent mold. You can read more about it in this article: Bad energy-saving tips: An expert doesn’t recommend it

Ventilate in the rain: what you should consider

  • Stoßlüften or Querlüften allows efficient air exchange. Open one or more windows fully for a few minutes for a quick change of air.
  • How long and how often you need to ventilate depends on various factors. The best thing is to focus on one hygrometer – this shows the relative humidity in the room and can be bought for a few euros in hardware stores or online, e.g. Amazon. This way you can tell when you should ventilate – rain, shine or any other weather.
  • If ventilation is not sufficient to reduce humidity, you may need to keep windows tilted for a while. to just tilt the window, is less effective. In addition, the area around the window can cool. Condensation often forms, which contributes to the appearance of mold.
  • Those who are not in the apartment during the day should at least mornings and evenings ventilate well.
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