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Does no one miss a boy? Police are groping in the dark


The secret of finding a child’s body: A young boy is found dead in a suitcaseForensic scientists estimate that his age is about five years. Even a month after the horror finding in Indiana, USA, police are still groping the circumstances of his death. Even the child’s identity is unknown, the Banga portal reports.

“It’s very worrisome” that the boy isn’t longing for anyone

“For some reason, no one notices his disappearance,” said Carey Huls of the Indiana Police Department. “Maybe he’s from another country,” we don’t rule out. The fact that the boy doesn’t seem to be longing is “very disturbing”. The researchers worked “around the clock to find answers.”

An Indiana mushroom picker found a dead child in a suitcase

The horror discovery was made by the mushroom on April 16th. in a forest in Washington County, southern Indiana. The child’s body lay in a hard case with an exclusive Las Vegas design.

The autopsy yielded only a few useful results for the researchers. In addition to the boy’s approximate age, black face and rather slender physique, he was known to be about 1.20 meters tall. Huls hopes the toxicological study will provide new insights. About what substances were in the body of the child at the time of death.

Police do not want to publish a drawing of an unfamiliar boy

Police have asked for public help, but no conclusive information is available yet. The comparison with the list of missing children was also unsuccessful. The researchers published a photo of the suitcase in which the child’s body was found.

The Bundestag is considering further requests for assistance

However, the child’s drawing should not be made public: In the worst case, such an approach could even hinder the study, Carey Huls explained: “I understand that people want answers – just like us. But we will do nothing. to jeopardize his search. “ (bst)

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