€ 300 fixed energy rate in 2022: Who will receive the bonus

  • € 300 energy break scale in 2022: Who gets the subsidy and real help?
  • bonus because Explosion in oil and gas prices In Germany: Several groups are left out
  • How is that Money paid the traffic lights to the authorities?
  • When I get unloading?

Energy and food prices jumped up. Therefore, the federal government decided in late April comprehensive support package accepted into the people Germany financial assistance. The main reason for the rise in prices is the war in Ukraine. The main measure is a € 300 “flat energy tariff”.which should benefit many people and ease the current burden. Here you can find out who gets the bonus and how the money is paid out.

Fixed energy tariff in 2022: who gets a € 300 bonus as a relief?

The traffic light government has that Fixed energy tariff decided to help people pay for the rising energy prices. “We will liberate the middle of our society quickly, unbureaucratically and socially justly,” the government said. The lump sum is 300 euros and should be paid with a salary under the traffic light plan.

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