Elections in North Rhine-Westphalia: CDU clearly ahead of SPD, green strong, FDP shakes

Status: 2022-05-15 19:34

The CDU clearly remains the strongest party in the NRW. Whether she will continue to lead is unclear. SPD falls below 30 percent. The Greens have tripled their score since 2017. The FDP is at a five percent hurdle, and the AfD has slightly exceeded it.

An exciting election evening begins in North Rhine-Westphalia. According to extrapolation from Infratest dimap, Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst’s CDU reached 35.7 percent, well ahead of the SPD. This gives her a good chance to continue to lead the new NRW government, but that’s not certain. In any case, this requires new coalition partners.

Wüst took over as head of government in the black-yellow state government from Armin Laschet six months ago and is now facing a state election for the first time in a short term. The 46-year-old could hardly have expected an official bonus. The main goal of the CDU election campaign was to make Wüst better known in the country. and detach it from hidden dissatisfaction with the old Laschet state government. In terms of content, the election campaign was dominated by the effects of the Ukrainian war.

For the first time, in response to joyful supporters, Wüst spoke of a clear leadership of his party and a government mandate. “The CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia clearly won the election.

SPD below the 30 percent threshold

The SPD has to come to terms with losses and only 27.0 percent. Thus, the Social Democrats have once again broken their negative 2017 record (31.2%) around rival Thomas Kutschaty, but remain the second strongest political force in the country. The gap with the CDU is larger than expected, but the SPD still has a chance to win the Düsseldorf State Chancellery. Kuschaty also suffered from a fairly average rating of notoriety and support, and the 53-year-old was unlikely to be able to develop his own SPD. In the election campaign, he relied on the classic problems of the SPD and recently also to Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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The result exceeded our expectations, Kuchaty admitted in the evening ARD a. However, the SPD achieved one election goal: it voted from a black-yellow government.

The Greens are gaining significantly

The Greens can consider themselves the clear winners of the North Rhine-Westphalian election. Without them, it would not be possible to form a North Rhine-Westphalian government. Batch can change your score from …

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