Events, birthdays and death days on Tuesday, 2022 May 17

Berlin.The current 2022 Tuesday, May 17, calendar page: what happened today, who was born, who died? Events in brief.

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Calendar sheet: 2022 Tuesday, May 17th

  • 20 calendar weeks, 137 years of the year, there are 228 days left until the end of the year
  • Star sign Taurus
  • Name: Pascal

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Story: What happened on May 17th?

2021 – Fritz Keller, president of the German Football Association (DFB) since 2019, has resigned under pressure from regional associations. In April, Keller compared DFB vice president Rainer Koch to Nazi lawyer Roland Freisler. The DFB will be temporarily chaired by Rainer Koch and Peter Peters.

2007 – After eight decades of separation, Orthodox Russians celebrate the reunification of the Moscow Patriarchate with the Russian Orthodox Church abroad.

2002 – Germany is the first country in the EU to include animal protection in the Basic Law, the Bundestag has decided. Article 20a added: The state protects the natural basis of life “and animals”. June 21 The Federal Council agrees. The amendment will enter into force in 2002. August 1

2002 – Before the vote in the CDU / CSU and the FDP, the Bundestag decided to overturn the unjust sentences of the National Socialists against deserters and homosexuals. The law enters into force in 2002. July 27

1987 – 37 sailors are killed in the Persian Gulf during a fake Iraqi missile attack on the US frigate Stark.

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1972 – After heated debates, the German Bundestag adopts the Eastern Treaties with the Soviet Union and Poland. They take effect on 3 June.

1952 – Friends of ski jumping from Germany and Austria signed a “birth certificate” for the “jumping tournament” in Seegrub near Innsbruck. He later becomes the Four Hills Tournament.

1890 – With Cavalleria Rusticana, premiere in Rome, composer Pietro Mascagni establishes a new style of “verism” in Italian opera.

1814 – The Norwegian Imperial Assembly in Eidsvoll has adopted a constitution that refers to a constitutional monarchy as a form of government.

Who was born on May 17th.

Celebrity Birthdays on May 17:

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1957 – Peter Høeg (65), Danish writer (Miss Smilla’s Sense of Snow)

1952 – Eva Schmidt (70), Austrian writer (Long Year)

1942 – Taj Mahal (80), American blues musician (Cakewalk Into Town) and blues researcher.

1932 – Marianne von Weizsäcker (b. 90), former German First Lady, wife of former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker.

1922 – Antje Weisgerber, German actress (The Double Lottie, TV series The Country Doctor), died in 2004.

Who died on May 17th.

Solemn Todestage on May 17:

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2017 – Johannes Grützke, German painter and graphic artist, circular painting The Train of the People’s Representatives (Frankfurt Paulskirche), 1973 together with other artists he founded the “School of New Majesty” in Berlin, born in 1937.

1997 – Werner Eckart, a German businessman, founder of Pfanni-Werke and inventor of Pfanni dumplings, was born in 1909.

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