Events, birthdays and death days on Wednesday, 2022 May 18

Berlin.The current 2022 Wednesday, May 18, calendar page: what happened today, who was born, who died? Events in brief.

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Calendar sheet: 2022 Wednesday, May 18th

  • 20 calendar weeks, 138 years a day, 227 days left until the end of the year
  • Star sign Taurus
  • Nameday: Erich, Felix, Johannes

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Story: What happened on May 18th?

2017 – The Bundestag passes a bill that facilitates the deportation of refugees who are required to leave the country. Mobile phones can be evaluated for identification. Dangerous aliens should wear shackles. The law will enter into force at the end of July 2017.

2012 – the social network Facebook campaign is traded on the stock exchange for the first time. It’s the largest online IPO in history, and the company and its former owners are taking in $ 16 billion.

1992 – North and South Korea opens official liaison offices for the first time in 47 years.

1972 Ulrich Plenzdorf’s drama “The New Sorrows of Young W.” took place at the Landestheater Halle (Saale). premiere.

1954 – A inaugural meeting of the Federal Inspection Agency was held in Bonn on compliance with the Law on the Distribution of Writings Harmful to Young People (BPjS).

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1927 – The “Grauman’s Chinese Theater” opens in Hollywood, known for its many screen stars’ hands and footprints on courtyard floor tiles.

1912 – George Horine of America is the first athlete to cross the two-meter high jump in an altitude of 2.01 meters.

Guests and topics for Tuesday, 2022 December 6

1595 – Teusina peace breaks military conflict between Russia and Sweden. The boundary is being redefined.

1152 – The future King Henry II of England marries Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Who was born on May 18th.

Celebrity Birthdays on May 18:

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1957 – Frank Plasberg (65), German TV presenter (“Difficult but fair”)

1957 – Lionel Shriver (65), American Writer (We Need To Talk About Kevin)

1937 – Jacques Santer (85), Luxembourg politician, 1995-1999 President of the European Commission. Prime Minister of Luxembourg 1984-1995, President of the World Bank 1984-1989, Governor of the International Monetary Fund 1991-1994

1922 – Death of Austrian actor and director Adrian Hoven (film and television films “Canaris”, “Berlin Alexanderplatz”, “Tatort”).

1897 – 1991 died American director Frank Capra (“Isn’t Life Beautiful?”, “The Bottomless,” “Arsenic and Lace Caps.”).

Who died on May 18th.

Famous Todestage May 18:

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2012 – Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, German opera and melody singer (lyrical baritone), Franz Schubert’s Winterreise, Gustav Mahler’s Kindertotenlieder, born 1925

1922 – Alphonse Laveran, French physician, discoverer of the malaria agent in 1880, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1907, born in 1845.

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