Events, birthdays, deaths – calendar page for Friday, 2022 November 25

Every day we are bombarded with news from all over the world. The sense that events are unfolding has intensified in the age of live reporting and social media. Looking back can help classify events. Here we recap what happened each day.

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Calendar Page: Today is Friday, 2022 November 25

  • 47th calendar week, 329th day of the year, 36 days left until the end of the year
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Name day: Katharina, Margareta

What happened on November 25?

in 2021 – The European Medicines Agency EMA has given the green light to manufacturer Pfizer/Biontech’s coronavirus vaccine for children over the age of five in Europe. This is the first coronavirus vaccine for this age group approved in the EU.

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in 2017 – Manuel Charr became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Cologne, 33, of Lebanese and Syrian descent, won the WBA association title in Oberhausen by defeating Russian Alexander Ustinov on points.

2002 – More than 90 countries agree on the first multilateral treaty limiting the proliferation of ballistic missiles at The Hague.

1997 – The FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the American telecommunications supervisory authority, adopted new rules that opened the US market to foreign telephone companies from the beginning of 1998.

1992 — Czechoslovak Parliament in 1993 January 1 approved the release of Czechoslovakia for the third time.

in 1952 – The premiere of Agatha Christie’s crime play “The Mousetrap” took place in London. Since then, the play has been running almost continuously in London’s West End. Only the COVID-19 pandemic forced a pause from 2020. March 16 until 2021 May 17

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in 1927 At the International Radio Conference, 76 governments and 65 companies signed the World Radio Convention in Washington. It contains frequency allocation agreements.

1927 – Violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin performs in New York at the age of eleven, marking his breakthrough to world fame.

1317 – The Peace of Templin ends the War of the Margraves of North Germany. Margrave Valdemar of Brandenburg is defeated by a coalition of North German princes led by the King of Denmark. Brandenburg loses access to the Baltic Sea.

Celebrity Birthdays: Who Was Born on November 25?

in 1967 – Roeland Wiesnekker (55), Swiss actor (Strähl, Der Kotzbrocken)

in 1947 – Jonathan Kaplan (75), American film director and screenwriter (The Accused, In Cold Blood)

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in 1944 – Maarten’t Hart (78), Dutch writer (The Fury of the World, The Web Patcher, The Blackbirds)

1942 – Rosa von Praunheim (80), German film director and author (films: Die Bettwurst, Die Jungs vom Bahnhof Zoo)

1912 – British crime writer Francis Durbridge (“The Bandana”, “Melissa”, “The Knife”) died, 1998.

Celebrity Dead Days: Who Died on November 25?

in 2002 – Karel Reisz, British film director and producer (“The French Lieutenant’s Mistress”), was born in 1926.

in 1972 – Hans Šarūnas, the German architect of the Berlin Philharmonic, was born in 1893.

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