“Everyone who is sick stays at home

die duty of isolation The CDU and CSU Bundestag believe that medical personnel who have tested positive for the coronavirus should not be available in the entire country.

“It is inexplicable why nurses and doctors who have no symptoms but have the coronavirus must stay at home for up to 14 days, while those with the flu could theoretically work,” said Sepp Müller (CDU), vice-president of the Union group. , for the editorial network Germany. “Those who are sick stay at home and the rest go to work.”

It is also about the tense situation in the clinics, he said. “To counter further hospital overcrowding, there is a need to end the isolation requirement for medical staff across the country.”

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) must work. “Now we need an all-hands patient. This is where Lauterbach finally has to intervene in a coordination way.

Several federal lands recently had Obligation to isolate people infected with corona increased among the entire population.

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