Famous Leaker Reveals Himself Who Is A ‘Real Insider’?

“True Inner Person” is one of those the largest leak the last few years. For example, it is responsible for data about new Assassin’s Creed responsible Now his hustle is probably over. A few days ago Insider accidentally leaked himself. You can find out what happened and what he said about it in this article.

The “Real Insider” is called Dan Allen

Dan Allen is game YouTube userwho inspires almost 200,000 subscribers on his channel with games and various informational videos about games. The real Insider is one of the most famous Leakage scene. Only recently did he do it the name of the game, Protagonists plus Internal information announced the latest installment of Assassin’s Creed.

But recently he made a mistake far-reaching consequences You have enabled Twitter he launches his Leakage account and the other On behalf of Dan Allen. He accidentally got mixed up with The tweet was replied to by the wrong account and thus revealed his identity. So The Real Insider and Dan Allen are the same person. There is now both a tweet and two of his accounts was deleted. However, the YouTube channel still exists.

Dan Allen apologizes and vows to get better

The leaker posted himself on Twitter and YouTube. voiced. In his video, he apologizes for his behavior and willful violation of contracts and NDAs.

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“I was addicted to the thrill of having thousands waiting to hear what you were going to say. […] It’s my fault and mine alone. I am very sorry for the fans and the people who supported me. I really let you down”.

The YouTuber now wants to withdraw and think of his faults. Many fans hope that he will come back and learn from his mistakes. It is doubtful that it is so easy to do. Breaking an NDA can severe consequences cause. It remains to be seen how the affected companies will deal with the disclosure and what penalties access the leak.

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