Fatal elections in Italy: who is hiding behind Meloni’s masks?

During the election campaign, the leader of the post-fascist Fratelli d’Italia tried to style herself as a serious, conservative politician – especially to foreign countries. But in the end, Georgia Meloni dropped the mask several times.

Italians are electing a new parliament this Sunday. Not only in Italy, but also in the entire European Union, there is talk of the election of fate. For the first time in the history of the Italian Republic, a government with its roots in fascism could be led by a party: Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the far-right Fratelli d’Italia, has the best chance of becoming the new prime minister. .

But what exactly is Meloni? And if she were to take over the helm of government, in which direction would she lead Italy? Questions that are being asked in Italy, as well as in Brussels, Berlin, Paris and Washington.

Fascism? Does not exist

During the two months of the campaign, Meloni tried to control his temper. She knows it’s both a blessing and a curse. Some love and trust her precisely because she preaches her message with body and soul from the stage and hums into the microphone: “I am a woman, a mother, a Christian.” Others see it as a confirmation of their authoritarian character traits. During the election campaign, one can understand that she knows she is walking on slippery ice when she presents herself as a conservative, serious and competent politician who, of course, has nothing to do with fascism.


Lega boss Salvini, Forza Italia leader Berlusconi and Brothers of Italy chairman Meloni make three appearances each.

(Photo: IMAGO/Italy Photo Press)

In mid-August, she released a video message in English, French and Spanish, declaring: “For decades the Italian right has condemned fascism, the plunder of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws. We also unequivocally condemn Nazism and Communism, which today represent the only totalitarian ideology of the 20th century, ever the message was clear: fascism is no longer in the world and certainly not in Italy.

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At every opportunity, she referred to her role as the president of the EU-skeptic party family “European Conservatives and Reformists”, assured that she is not anti-EU, but only wants to say that Brussels is only committed to solving problems that affect society as a whole. relate to the Union, leaving the rest to the Member States. Your party has agreed to deliver weapons to Ukraine and is 100 percent behind the North Atlantic Alliance.

A mask with jeans and a t-shirt

She also tried to present herself as a credible politician in panel discussions, television interviews and online debates. For her performances, she maintains a casual style: jeans and T-shirts, long dresses and skirts. It is possible that there is a strategy behind it: the simpler the appearance, the more audible it is. Her alliance partner Matteo Salvini, leader of the equally radical right-wing Lega party, is taking a completely different tack. Salvini never misses an opportunity to dress up. He appears in a police polo shirt or a butcher’s apron. But Salvini is also human – and so far he’s only gotten as far as deputy prime minister. When appearing with other politicians, she prefers strict, sometimes almost old-fashioned clothes.

However, the label of “post-fascists” is too strong, and the international media continue to view them with suspicion. For example, the Financial Times. wrote: “Italians and Brussels must hope that their mask of relative moderation does not slip.”

“not funny anymore”

But it happened during the election campaign: in the final sprint, the old Georgia appeared again, in 2006. said, it has a “relaxing relationship with fascism”. Maybe it was fatigue, pressure from Italian and foreign media, constant vigilance. The fact is that she has broken free from her self-imposed reins and her messages have become increasingly aggressive. “No more fun,” she told the EU. The left never defended Italy in Europe, but made it an annex of Berlin and Paris. “But we want to be equal members. To defend the interests of Italy,” she announced into the microphone, shaking in her arteries. “Do you know why Berlin is against a cap on gas prices?” she asked her supporters in Milan. “Because gas from Russia is paid less.”

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