Geis’s daughter Davina (19) has completely transformed: “Who’s that next to Carmen?” entertainment

Fans are brainstorming…

Insta filter or beauty doc? This question is on the minds of many commentators on the photo of TV star Carmen Geiss (57). Her daughter Davina, 19, looks quite different on her – some think so.

The mother and daughter can be seen in the aforementioned Instagram post, in what appears to be a restaurant. In the background, people are sitting at a table.

Davina Geiss is the daughter of Robert and Carmen Geiss, known from The Geisens - The Terribly Fascinating Family

Davina Geiss looks different in the latest photos

Photo: the_real_davina_geiss/Instagram

Carmen looks like you know her, but some fans probably don’t recognize Davina. “Who’s that next to Carmen?” asks a user. “Is that Davina?” wonders another.

In fact, Davina looks a bit transformed – maybe because of the lack of light.

Recently, she wore her hair in blonde locks, her face looks slimmer than usual, the tip of her nose is very delicate, and her lips are full.

Did the daughter of Robäääärt Geiss (58) go under the knife? Or was it just a beauty filter from Instagram? Fan speculation is ramping up…

This photo is over two years old.  The lips here are a bit narrower

This photo of Davina was taken in 2020. The lips look a bit narrower here, the face is fuller

Photo: the_real_davina_geiss/Instagram

Anyway, in the older photos, Davina’s lips look a bit narrower, her face fuller. Perhaps Roberto and Carmen’s oldest daughter just shed her baby fat and is now an adult.

Anyway – she looks great!

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