GNTM 2022: These candidates advance to the semifinals

Germany’s Next Topmodel season 17 semifinal will take place on ProSieben on Thursday. who came out And what else was there?

  • In the last episode, Vivien had to leave GNTM 2022.
  • The semifinals of the show will take place in 2022. May 19
  • “Another German top model – Heidi Klum” – “ProSieben” and “Joyn” are shown from 2022. February 3 every Thursday at 8:15 p.m.

GNTM 2022: Who will advance to the semifinals?

After Vivien had to leave GNTM 2022 in the 15th series, the semi-finalists were determined. At the start of the 17th season, Heidi Klum accepted 31 candidates, with only those who received a photo each time entering the next round.

These 6 models made it to the GNTM semifinals in 2022. May 19:

  • Lou Anne (18) from Klosterneuburg
  • Anita (20) from Neustadt an der Donau
  • Martina (50) from Klosterneuburg
  • Liezelotė (66) from Berlin
  • Luca (19) from Munich
  • Noella (24) from Berlin

What’s in the GNTM 15 Series? Vivien is eliminated before the semifinals

thumbs up for Vivien at the end. “You’ve always used the same phrase,” the editor-in-chief of Vivien’s photo magazine criticized. “No change! There was no picture of us saying, ‘Here!'” Schneider bitterly concluded at the end of the show: “Vivien, you’re such a beautiful girl, but I think she has only one facial expression.”

Ava Max was quite critical of Vivien’s dance performance of her song “The Motto”, which the models had to study: “I wanted to see more personality.”

Heidi Klum assured Vivien that the jurors did not facilitate the decision. But: “I’m so sorry, Vivien, but I don’t have a picture for you today.”

In the GNTM quarterfinals, the performance density of the models was quite high. Kerstin Schneider also said at the end of the show, “It was a really hard decision.” Ava Max said sadly, “It hurt!

It is clear that Vivien did not expect his elimination before the semi-finals. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she said, “I’m all right, as I look. It was a real shock! It’s also unfortunate to hear that. But this is a game. If others were better, I have to put up with that. “I’m still a little proud of how far I’ve gone.”

Anita and Lieselotte were also hit by Vivien’s retirement from GNTM 2022. “I’ll definitely miss her.” She felt as if the “real part of her” was to leave the show.

Lieselotte shed tears in front of the jury. “What happened, Lieselotte?” She replied, “Vivien, she helped me.” She was the last candidate to advance to the GNTM 2022 semifinals.

Also in 2022. many women have applied to become a young model #GNTM. 2022 The news of Germany’s Next Top Model is that there are also Best Ager models this season. Inter alia Liezelotė (66) and Martina (50). Despite diversity, all women are treated equally. Danger! It’s really big GNTM 2022 spoilers because fans already know which candidates will advance to the finals. Also circulating spoiler list with 12 best candidates for GNTM 2022.

The curved model Lena is eliminated in the 14 series

After 14 episodes on Thursday is Lena from Germany’s Next Topmodel race. She couldn’t impress either during the shooting on the tennis court or in the final sport shooting where the sprint match was held on the football field. “The model who has to leave us today has made a truly amazing career with us.”announced by Heidi Klum when Lena and Luca were on the most popular list at the end of the series. “I don’t have a photo for you today …”said the GNTM boss to follow after a longer break: “Lena”. Outgoing Heidi Klum praised the model: “You inspired us all”.

Lena did not hold back her tears as she approached the remaining seven candidates: “Yeah, it’s very, very annoying now”she told me about her exit. – But I wish you a good trip.

GNTM 2022: These models are still in the 15 series

The 15th series is after The end of Lena there are seven young models left:

  • Anita (20) from Neustadt an der Donau
  • Lou Anne (18) from Klosterneuburg
  • Vivien (21) from Prien am Chiemsee
  • Martina (50) from Klosterneuburg
  • Luca (19) from Munich
  • Liezelotė (66) from Berlin
  • noella (24) …

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