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HSV play in the playoffs with Hertha BSC for a return to the Bundesliga. Who has a bigger chance? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the rivals? Duel in data and tactics verification.

by Sebastian Ragoss

The drama offers a lot of drops. Who knows better than fans of Hamburger SV and Hertha BSC? In 2014 and 2015, the northern Germans defended themselves against relegation to the Bundesliga in two playoffs, and the Berliners lost in 2012 in legendary duel led by coach Otto Rehhagel against Fortune Düsseldorf.

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Mikkeli Kaufmann (2nd from right) from Hamburger SV celebrates goal and scores 3: 1 at Hansa Rostock © IMAGO / MIS

Hamburg took third place with the youngest team in the second division. The relegation against Hertha BSC should now be a success.

Now HSV wants to be a second division team on Thursday and Monday (both 8.30pm /In the immediate center of the DDR) against the ‘Old Lady’ to return to the upper house of football.

HSV legend Magathas on the coaches bench in Berlin

Against those Hertha who are from HSV legend Felix Magath is being coached and is currently on the worst road to go on the Hamburg road: as a club with many opportunities and financially supported by an investor to relegate to the second division.

There is no doubt that the pressure on Berliners is greater. The psychological moment also speaks for the northern Germans, who secured third place in a series of victories. However, it is also clear that the Bundesliga team generally has more staff than the second division team and therefore differs. also mostly prevalent in the playoffs.

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Glatzel: “We can do it”

HSV goal scorer Robert Glatzel sums up the initial situation: “Our chances of getting knocked out are, but Hertha is a Bundesliga club and has a lot of individual quality. We can still do it.”

What do the people of Hamburg have to do to express themselves? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the rivals? We look at the data.

Hertha’s style should suit HSV

Basically, the Berliners are a rival that should suit HSV, at least more than the VfB Stuttgart. Because Hertha BSC has weaknesses in areas where coach Tim Walter’s team has its strengths.

In particular, the tactical orientation of the Magath team is appropriate for the second division. The most effective remedy against HSV is early pressure, as Hansa Rostock clearly demonstrated in Sunday’s first half.

On the one hand, this prevents the game, on the other hand, often leads to the chances of the ball winning and scoring against technically insignificant defenders.

But in terms of pressure, the Berliners are the worst team in the Bundesliga. On average, they win the ball in the opponents half only 8.09 times per match.

In any case, Hertha acts like a classic outsider. The initiative is left to the opponent, especially to Magath, rather than to his predecessors, and this is also clearly expressed in numbers: In all parameters that signify creativity (e.g. goal shots, own actions, possession of the ball), the capital ranks one in the Bundesliga compared to last places.

Who is a professional here?

After all, the values ​​of the duel are correct: 55.56 percent of the defeated defense duels mean the sixth place in the league ranking.

Can Walter-Elf keep his concept?

HSV is completely different: he wants to dominate, have the ball and then direct Glatzel into the spotlight through the outer midfielder. It can also be a great excuse for falling out, as Hertha has weaknesses at the edges.

The distribution of roles should be interesting to watch in any case: will Hamburg be able to maintain its style against Hertha as a lower team in its class? Or maybe Magatha will change the main orientation of his team and allow them to act much more offensively? This is unlikely. Despite all the success Magath celebrated: as a coach, he was never a clever tactic.

In addition, there are doubts as to whether the beaten team can (and should) almost completely change its style in a matter of days. Berliners are more likely to try to be compact and set “pins” – preferably with long balls in the middle of the striker.

standards for Berlin a chance?

There really is an opportunity here: HSV’s defense in such situations is not always equal. The Games should also play an important role in Magath’s plan, as his eleventh graders are quite often dangerous after free kicks – and throws. This may not be a very innovative approach. But when you fall out …

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