How well is my child insured? Who is responsible for kindergarten, nursery or after-school care?

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How well is my child insured?  Who is responsible for kindergarten, nursery or after-school care?

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  • The best protection is why private accident insurance is essential
  • Without looking at it once, civil liability insurance is by no means indispensable in everyday life
  • What if something happens? These points save extra stress

With the end of parental leave, a whole new phase of life begins for both children and parents. Accordingly, it can be difficult for parents in the beginning when their son or daughter comes to day care or to a nanny. This helps to know that the child is well cared for. But what if disaster strikes there? How are children really protected here? Experts from Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG) explain when parents need to be active and whether anything changes as soon as a child starts school.

Why Private Accident Insurance? If a child is involved in an accident in kindergarten, statutory accident insurance will take effect. The same goes for the way to kindergarten and return home. But only for the direct route. If you deviate to the playground or supermarket for a short time, you will need private accident insurance. Ideally, parents should pick it up immediately after the birth of a child. Because from an early age, children also make their homes unsafe and this can quickly lead to an accident at home. Statutory accident insurance usually only covers the costs of necessary treatment and rehabilitation measures. However, children can also suffer moderate to long-term consequences as a result of accidents. In such cases, relief can be provided by private accident insurance. Therefore, it is best to talk directly to an expert, such as a DVAG investment advisor. By the way: All these rules apply to students as well.

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Why is private liability insurance so important? Accidents, especially on the road, happen to children more often than parents would like. Damage to cars is usually the responsibility of private (parents). Children under the age of ten are not responsible for accidents in moving traffic. Exception: Children between the ages of seven and ten are responsible on purpose. For example, if a child hits a parked car on the way to school with a scooter, children over the age of seven may be liable. But only if the level of development provides the necessary insight. Nevertheless, the issue of parental care also arises. Don’t worry: that doesn’t mean parents always have to accompany their children. If you have explained to your child how to behave correctly on the road and practice your way to school, the breach of duty of care is usually rejected, even if you were not present at the time of the accident. If the child also does not have the necessary assessment of the extent of his or her actions, no one may have to pay damages. Another situation, same topic: What happens if a child breaks something in kindergarten? The carrier’s civil liability insurance then takes effect. By the way, this also applies if, for example, one child tears another’s sweater while playing. Neither the child nor the educator is responsible, but also the institution responsible for the object.

What if something happens? As often as possible: be calm! To avoid problems later, parents should pay attention to the following:

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To report an accident: No matter how harmless it is: report the accident to your insurance company. Otherwise, problems may occur later.

Save documents: Is there an accident report? Did your child even have to go to the hospital? Keep such documents and medical records in case the insurance company needs them later.

Talk to your doctor: Even if it looks like a minor scratch, be sure to talk to your pediatrician. Only he can tell if this trifle can cause long-term damage.

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