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After publishing lyrical texts on Instagram, Sirka Elpass drew attention to herself for the first time. After the debut of the book, it takes the path from digital to analog – almost obsolete.

by Joachim Dicks

“Growths of thought make the greatest movements” – this is the title of the first of four parts of Sirka Elspass’s collection of poems. The sound, which is already hinted at in the title – “I dry my eyelashes” – is clearly intoned. Images and sometimes languages ​​form unusual alliances and defy convention. Otherwise, it all starts with what just starts:

when i’m born
I’m afraid
against your voice
the doctor says
I can do great things
for example, hungry
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Clear and at the same time enigmatic poems

Sirka Elpass constructs impossible memories: who knows their feelings at the moment of birth? And it raises expectations that immediately disappoint: who thinks about hunger when it is believed that a person can do a lot? Everything is clear and enigmatic at the same time: words, thoughts and the tone with which Sirka Elpass reads her lines.

I found my power animal
it’s a grinning hot dog
we wave to each other on hard days
from pot to
the sausage bursts
I want a visible scar
how are you
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A game between poems

After publishing lyrical texts on Instagram, Sirka Elpass drew attention to herself for the first time. What is the difference between them? “I never wrote these texts on Instagram, I never published them on Instagram, because I always had in mind that I wanted to publish them in a different way,” says Elglück.

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So it’s about constant focus. But also about the play between the poems, which repeatedly refer to each other. Some motifs recur: sleepless nights, eating disorders, depression, memories of first periods, self-help groups, meditation workshops. But it has nothing to do with therapeutic writing: “Getting some distance and shaking off the fact that it’s all very personal was very important at the time,” Elpass explains.

Further information

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There are many interesting books coming out this year. Examples include Heinz Strunk, Yasmina Reza, Ralf Rothmann and Isabel Allende.

Dark Sirka Elpass experiences

In some poems, the author creates a kind of flash of inspiration from everyday observations and imaginary trifles, which at the end of the poem shine like the tail of a comet in the sky.

as I look out the window
a person bows in front of a church
then he kneels
many things happen in front of the church
you can have a look
the weeping woman I wonder about
what is she looking for
couple hugging
of young people using Wi-Fi.
from the church
I hear someone say
as soon as it rains, I meet
the sky
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It is this mixture of very different, often gloomy experiences, which is brought back to light through the means of lyrical language, that gives Sirka Elpass’s poems a unique tone. Being a representative of her generation, she was born in 1995. – it finds language for all the tensions of our present. There is even a fantasy about his own death:

would you come to my funeral
if i had now
it would be an urn burial
I want to be cremated
it would be in the mountains
I want to be scattered
someone would play the cello
sentimental pieces among wildflowers
and some pop
on the way home you would like to
listen to my old voicemail
the one where i say
We’ll meet later
I may be late
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Apparently, she was given the courage early on to follow her own path, also in a literary sense. With great success.

I dry my eyelashes

by Sirka Elspass

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80 pages
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