in 2023 the greenhouse gas quota is about to decrease: those who do not act now will lose money

in 2022 December 07 | Hannah Anhorn

How the GHG quota is developing The signs are not rosy.

Photo: EFAHRER.comHow the GHG quota is developing The signs are not rosy.

Currently, especially high amounts of GHG are guaranteed for drivers of electronic cars – up to 420 euros. However, this is likely to change, with the easy-to-earn bonus declining in 2023. Here’s why you should act now and claim your bonus in 2023.

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What is a GHG quota?

With greenhouse gas quota (THG-Quote) the legislator wants to reduce the emissions of mineral oil companies. For this, companies must reach a certain quota of lower emission fuels. Currently, this rate is seven percent, in 2023 the rate will be eight percent.

If a company does not reach its quota, it can compensate for the excess by buying certified emission rights. electric cars contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, e-car drivers can claim saved CO2 emissions to later sell to mineral oil companies subject to quotas.It sounds complicated but it is very simple as you like study here.

Since THQ’s rewards fluctuate so much from month to month, it begs the question: When is the right time to apply for a GHG quota?? Are the odds increasing or decreasing?

Will the GHG quota decrease or increase in 2023?

Now as e. mobility consultant Iris Martinz Electric car news explained that the GHG quotas may decrease significantly in the near future. Accordingly, the responsible Federal Environmental Agency has recalculated the reference value of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity production – it has been increased from 119 to 135 kilograms of CO2 equivalent per gigajoule for the coming year.

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This means that starting in 2023, oil companies will be allowed to emit more emissions per unit of oil supplied to the market than this year. Therefore, these companies will have to buy fewer certificates next year.

Another reason for the decline is the electricity mix, which, due to the Ukraine crisis, has ensured that electric cars save less greenhouse gas. At the same time, the annual mileage of the average electric car for the year 2023 was classified as lower. After all, an e-car does not save as much greenhouse gas as the calculation bases from 2022. So all the reasons why quotas can decrease. But what are greenhouse gas suppliers thinking? You are right at the source. What are their predictions?

Predictions for 2023: This is what GHG suppliers think asked various greenhouse gas suppliers. They agree with their predictions: The GHG quota will decrease in 2023. One of the suppliers predicts a minus 15 percent decline compared to 2022. The premium is likely to be only approx 250-350 euros will be every year. This is significantly less than what some providers are currently paying.

Until the beginning of December, the Government will consider possible multiple crediting. However, this could mean that, at best, your greenhouse gas quota will remain unchanged until around 2022. says: Act now!

We encourage you to act now and apply for your GHG quota as soon as possible before it is reduced. All signs point to a rather sharp drop in the rate. If you have not yet submitted your GHG quota for 2022, it is all the more urgent. Some providers, such as Juicify, will stop accepting applications in 2022, while others will have a 2023 deadline. month of January.

"He's more than a talent"

If you have already collected this year’s bonus, this also means: act now. Because with many suppliers you will already receive a bonus for the next year. It’s about an hour can. Applying for 2023 is quite simple: select a calendar year when registering.

So: Don’t hesitate, because after about four weeks there is a good chance that you will be paid significantly less money. You should apply directly for next year’s GHG Premium to receive the maximum amount. This way, you will get a larger amount of money without much effort.

Asking for a GHG quota for two years: where does it work?

To the supplierswe buy your certificate and Pour in the juice secure your greenhouse gas allowance for 2 years and get paid regardless of future market fluctuations.

While we are purchasing your certificate 600 euros pays for two years and supposedly transfers in 48 hours, with Juicify it’s even like that 675 euros. However, the duplicate may take several weeks…

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