In the first match with HSV, Hertha has to show who the boss is

When I watched the dramatic decisions on the couch last weekend at home on the couch or the desperate struggle with the impending fallout, it covered a lot of emotion. So much joy and so much ecstasy, on the other hand, both deep sadness and tears. I was a little jealous when I saw the fun dancing at the old ranger’s house. This 1st FC union can justifiably celebrate after a great, even sensational season. My utmost respect!

Hamburg has a psychological advantage

and Hertha BSC? An event has now taken place that is a kind of nightmare for many Hertha supporters. Late Sunday afternoon, when the second league was in third place, I didn’t know who I would have preferred in the upcoming all-or-nothing duel: Hamburger SV or SV Darmstadt 98? After an equally tense match, HSV finally wants to recover after four years in the second division. The fact is that the fallout is decided by the head. A mentally stronger team will win. From a purely psychological point of view, the people of Hamburg have an advantage over me. A few weeks ago, they were completely written off – they were seven points behind the desired third place five matches left. This was followed by five consecutive victories in the league and a celebration of relegation. Hertha would have liked to have avoided this, seemed to have escaped several times and missed three points.

When Hertha BSC had to go out for the first time in May 2012, the situation was different. On the 34th day of the match, the team finished 16th with a tour de force, defeating Hoffenheim 3: 1 and the opportunity to hold two duels against the second division team at Fortuna Düsseldorf. Änis Ben-Hatira scored two goals against Hoffenheim. He told me about two knockout matches that ended in 1: 2 and 2: 2: “We were favorites and we felt good. Then we beat the first match at home. I felt the duel in Düsseldorf almost like a conspiracy. I scored 1: 1 and got a yellow card for free. And then yellow red. When we landed in the locker room after a break in the game after the early onslaught of Fortune fans and many feared riots in this bustle, officials said: You have to get out, otherwise you will fall out. It’s incredible. “

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Ben-Hatira, as well as me as a reporter, has since had a slogan: never fall out again! But all this is yesterday’s news and only Hertha, who once experienced a scandalous game and is now anxiously watching a match against HSV, is interested. This does not affect Felix Magat. He encourages his team and also says a sentence that is famous in Germany: “We can do it!”

According to Magath, Hertha doesn’t look the same

Targeted optimism or the right strategy? Call dr. Gerd Driehorst. The teacher was the first mental trainer in the Bundesliga in 1998. and worked for Hertha BSC until 2004. At the time, usually in secret. Driehorst is as optimistic as Magat, which surprised me a little. The man, who mainly trains business and political executives, told me, “The team under Magat is unchanged than ever before and I think she’s in a good mood! In the first game, Hertha has to show: we are the hosts! We will stay in the first division! “He believes that Felix Magathas will have a lot of conversations with each other during the short training camp in Kienbaume and, most importantly, will be in intensive contact with the leading players:” Magathas will not overdramatize the situation. “

Can two such different experts as Magat and Driehorst be wrong? I hope not and I believe their predictions.

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