Ingersheim landing stage: Neckar-Käpt no longer moored – Ingersheim

The Kleiningersheim descent has been removed from the Neckar-Käpt’n tour plan and will no longer be accessible. The municipality of Ingersheim is now in trouble. It will probably be difficult to identify the culprit and for a long time it will be separated from the tourist attraction.

This can only be remedied by building a new pier that can accommodate multi-tonne excursion boats. Then it would be a completely new system, Harald Schnabel said at a steering committee meeting. Whether you want to make this investment is now up to the municipal council.

ship like a winery

Mayor Simone Lehnert said the landing phase is particularly important for day tourism, which is a small sign that a new building should be built. Jens Caspar, meanwhile, puts forward another idea. He could have imagined a ship moored continuously at the site of the Kleiningersheim marina that could serve as a winery. The accompanying wine can be from the steep slopes nearby. Such an operation would be unique in Germany. It needs a partner to implement.

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