Jade Bender plays “Senior Year” – who are her parents?


Everyone’s eyes are on Jade Bender now that she is starring in Bri’s new Netflix film Senior Year. 2022 the film is about a fun trick that happened terribly wrong. Gymnasium students fall into a coma a few days before graduation.

20 years later, she wakes up from a coma completely upset about what’s going on. Instead of agreeing not to finish high school, she decides to regain her lost life and somehow win the title of graduation queen.

Source: Instagram / @badejenderWho are Jade Bender’s parents?

According to Show Biz Cast, Jade’s parents are named Lon and Peggy Benders. Her father earns a living as an illustrator and her mother a housewife.

So far, Jade has been pretty mysterious about her family life. Occasionally, she posted a few photos on social media with her family members, including her parents, but that doesn’t happen so often.

2019 Jade announced a cute selfie with her father. The headline she added states: “I know I told IDGAF I wouldn’t be attending Coachella this year, but I lied. Also, 10/10 would recommend going with a stupid dad if [you] you will have an opportunity someday. ”

2020 she posted her photos of her as a baby side by side with her mother as a baby. Interestingly, her baby picture is very similar to her mother’s baby picture. It’s pretty clear where Jade got her look from!

Source: Instagram / @badejenderThat’s all else curious fans should know about Jade Bender.

Jade currently has more than 22,500 followers on Instagram who want to keep up. Her most recent photos tell of her role in Senior Film with colleagues including Rebel Wilson.

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Many of Jade’s posts on Instagram are artistic, creative, and show how social she is. She also posted some photos with her dog, giving fans the spirit that she is a complete animal lover.

Jade has a photo in which she wears a bikini and shows off her physical body, but she rarely publishes photos of the bikini. Jade seems to be content with promoting the causes of social activism.

A quote from one of her Instagram photos read, “No life matters until blacks do it.” She added, “I understand I’ll never understand. But I support you. ”

Question: YouTube / @ Netflix.

It’s not always easy for celebrities and influencers to stand up to what they believe. So if they do, it really has to be respected. Based on what was posted on her Instagram, there are no signs that Jade has anything special romantic in her life right now.

However, it will be interesting to see what projects Jade will undertake in the Hollywood industry in the future. There are many upcoming shows and movies that would be perfect for an aspiring young actress like her.

Senior Years is now available on Netflix.


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