Kevin Kühnert has unsubscribed from Twitter

Bhey had twitter Kevin Kuehnert, SPD general secretary, struggle and username @KuehniKev – and as long as he was still chairman of Jusa (at least so says the memory, which can no longer be verified now that he signed), Kühnert had all possible opinions for all possible phenomena. Which can be a pleasure, especially for those users who had a different opinion: because Twitter did not have to arrange a citizen consultation hour to be able to oppose Kühnert. And because with a few smart, original and fast other users, the game of proverbs and contradictions can sometimes start very nicely.

Kühnert now left after a long silence. In a video interview with Editorial Network Germany, Kühnert explained that the company was not represented there; that errors and mistakes result from this non-representation; and that the culture of debate does not suit him either. The real reason, so read now Twitterbut it was that he no longer wanted to read harsh criticism and some insults for another interview in which he showed some understanding for Putin and not for Ukraine in his so-called timeline.

So it looks like Twitter exists. But anyone who makes general statements about media culture, political mood, and emotional temperature should be suspicious of the structure of Twitter, just as any warning about the dangers of the network always seems to be paranoia: because they describe a virtual place, at which another Twitter user no longer has access to. The bubble that Kühnert laments is of his own making. He brought the ugly culture of debate into his home. Everyone decides for himself who follows, that is, whose posts are visible to him.

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So everyone has their own Twitter and is responsible for the spirit and culture they come across. Those who are not interested in opinions follow news or science websites. If you find it too boring among like-minded people, here is a better place than anywhere else to observe political opponents and cultural rivals. Anyone who is poetically inclined follows poets who are almost forced to use aphorisms due to the 280 character limit.

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