Lewandowski wants to cut Barça’s salary

But you have to consider these things.

A 3-year contract with Barca with +/- 20 million anno brings a guaranteed +/- 60 million.
1 year contract with FC.Bayern with previous salary brings +/- 27 mln.

After all, it would increase by about 33 million. plus bonuses and so on.

After all, he has to ask himself why he can do without so much money. As for me, I have always expressed my negative attitude towards Robert Lewandowski. But now I see things a little differently. Probably not for the money for him, but now I think he just wants to leave FC. Bavaria.

It shows, at least, he seems to have the same motives as Hansi Flick and Hermann Gerland and Miroslav Klose, as well as some players who FC. Bayern would prefer to turn its back than extend the contract. This would also confirm to me why suddenly so many players no longer want to join FC.Bayern.

As for me, I wouldn’t want to work in a company where I disagree with bosses and management, etc., and I feel fooled. No money in the world would cost that. Especially if you don’t need money. So I clearly hand over the responsibility to Herbert Hainer, Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzi. They just messed everything up and are to blame for Lewandowski’s departure from me. And I think FC will leave even more players soon. Bavaria will turn away.

But that’s certainly also the case with Uli Hoeneß, as he’s a kind of stupid person right now and completely insane about his criticism and stupid upheavals that cause a lot more unrest for the club than they do now. Uli Hoeneß should simply stay outside and should not close his mouth. He always says he retired. So what else does he want then? Is it really his Brazzo so bad and very important now that only Uli Hoeneß can help him and maybe that’s why he works so hard and stretches out his protective arm Brazzo?

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And if Uli Hoeneß evaluates Hasan Salihamidzico’s previous work with a school grade of “good,” it shows me that Uli Hoeneß has had dementia since old age, which would also explain the loss of mental and intellectual status (intellect). It is characterized by a deterioration in memory because today he suddenly condemns certain things and speaks ill of what he has practiced himself during all his active years. It also seems to me that both his ability to think and his eternal short-term and sharp choice of words do not show any positive and practical skills.

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