Man leaves safe job, moves to dream job DrDisrespect – leaves due to bad boss

DrDisrespect gaming studio Midnight Society is losing its chief strategist and marketing boss Ryan Mitchell in just 4 months. Mitchell joined the gaming studio from a permanent data analyst job to make his dream come true. But it didn’t open.

Who’s here?

  • Ryan Mitchell is an experienced marketer who analyzes and uses data. Mitchell has worked for 8 years, holding several executive positions. He is also a broadcaster for Twitch (Lorumerth, 2778 followers).
  • Most recently, Mitchell served as director of data analysis at Extractable, which provides services to financial services companies. (per linked)
  • 2022 February. Mitchell left his job there safely and joined the Midnight Society of YouTuber DrDisrespect. There, he played a key role as Chief Content Strategist: he was responsible for the overall marketing of the product that the Midnight Society introduced to customers.

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Mitchell wanted to fulfill his dream of working in games

Why did he move there? Mitchell also works for Twitch as a content creator. The opportunity to start a business from scratch with DrDisrespect seemed very appealing to him.

The Midnight Society was my dream job. I was looking for a company where I could combine my content and marketing experience by leading a team. The team was fantastic. My line manager inspired the whole team.

The ideas had to be put under the emperor’s feet

Then what happened? According to Mitchell, there was one person on the board of the Midnight Society who created a terrible work atmosphere. This person shouted at people and angered them.

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At first, Mitchell thought it was only “in times of difficulty,” a very important stage before the game hit the market. Traditionally, the time of crispness is the worst time for development, the nerves are on the edge. But it got worse.

After all, this man with his horrific attitude would have made any creative work impossible. Because you can’t be creative when all the work revolves around avoiding conflict with your boss, as Mitchell explains.

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The Midnight Society is a major DrDisrespect project.

The meeting should focus on developing creative ideas and discussing how to implement them. It should not be about putting ideas under the emperor’s feet.

Mitchell says he wanted to solve the problem personally and publicly, but could not. After a particularly disgusting meeting, full of “verbal abuse”, he decided to leave the company. He prepared and did.

After his resignation, he still wanted to move orderly, but was thrown out of communication channels within an hour.

Mitchell compares to Working conditions at Blizzard. and The SoloMid team.

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There is no bad word against DrDisrespect – just positive things

Was it Disrespect? No, he wasn’t. Mitchell has no bad word for the doctor: he says every communication with DrDisrespect was positive. He has an incredible number of good ideas.

But in the end, no job in the world is worth endangering your mental and emotional health.

Despite appearing as always frustrated, bullying screaming, with a suit, DrDisrespect looks like a creative and professional person who interacts correctly with others – except, of course, Alex, a producer who is fired 3 times a week:

How is the former Twitch star doing …

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